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Chaeyoung's POV

"She didn't come home last night, Jisoo-ya." I said while tossing and turning my phone on the table kitchen of my house.

"What's new, Chaeyoung? She's always like that. I really hope that one day, I meet that woman. I will probably kick her ass." Jisoo uttered. She's here again from her business trip but later, she'll go back.

Me and Jisoo with her younger sister Jennie Kim planned to have a lunch today. Since I am not in the mood eating at some restaurants or cafés, Jisoo decided to eat at my place and Jennie will do the cooking. This will be the first time to meet her younger sister since we met at the bar two years ago. I wanted to meet her since we got closer but Jisoo doesn't want it because Jen is too busy.

I understand her. Besides, most of the time, I'm always crying whenever she's here so there's no reason to invite Jennie to come over. Unless we want her to hear all my dramas almost ever night.

"Soo, it's fine. I just waited till 3am because I didn't even get a single message from her if she's coming home or not." I smiled weakly while looking at her heart shaped lips. That's Jisoo's asset, for real.

"It's not fine and it's not going to be fine. Chaeng, she's always treating you like this. You don't even deserve it." She hissed and then rolled her eyes.

I chuckled. "I don't know anymore." I shook my head.

We're busy talking when we heard the doorbell rang. "I got this." She said then walked to open the door.

I waited for a moment and I saw a woman with cute cat eyes and gummy smile on her face. "Are you Jennie?"

She nodded. "Yeah. Annyeonghaseyo." She bowed politely then I saw her carrying a big paper bag on her hands.

"Nice to meet you, Jennie. Don't be formal please? I think I'm younger than you. Or is it just me?" I laughed and put the paper bag she was holding on the table. "Please feel at home."

"Your house is beautiful." She said while her eyes scanning the interior design of the kitchen and living room.

"Oh. This is my wife's dream home. She has a taste, right?" I said while preparing the food she cooked. I don't know but I'm moving freely although it's our first time to meet. Maybe it's less awkward because Jisoo is here.

"W-Wife?" She was surprised when she asked me.

"Didn't you tell here?" I asked Jisoo.

She shook her head. "I have no time to tell her." She sat down.

"But... unnie... I thought..." Jennie said.

"Nevermind. Let's just eat." She smiled then looked at me.

I prepared the food and drinks on the table and we all sat down. Jennie looks so pretty. In just a single glance, men can easily fall for her. "I am married, Jennie. With my best friend."

"Wow. Really? Then how is it? I bet it's good because you guys are best friends and you know your similarities and differences of each other." She's so cute when she is amused.

Jisoo laughed. "In her dreams." Aww, this woman is really rude.

"Hmm? What's wrong?"

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