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Lisa's POV

2 years later...

I was playing the Hennessy Cognac drink on my glass when I heard the door of my office opened. I averted my eyes to see the person, I thought it's my secretary but it's one of the important person on my life since then, Chaeyoung. A smile started to form on my face then I stood up.

"Hey." I said while walking towards her. I was about to kiss her when she stopped me by putting her index finger on my lips so I can't help but frown.

"Have some dinner first, don't be a silly." She smiled and walked towards my table.

I laughed while watching her prepare the foods. "You're ignoring all my kiss since yesterday. What's the problem, honey?" I followed her then hugged her from the back. "I just missed my Chong-ah."

"Call me that again and you won't have any dinner tonight." She said then slapped my arms which was wrapped around her.

"Then be my dinner tonight." I said while laughing because I'm picturing in my mind her definite reaction.

"Yah! I'm not a food." She said then released the hug and faced me. "Aren't you really going home?"

I shook my head then looked at her face. "You know that I can't. I have so many things to do."

"I wish you just continued being a neurosurgeon because handling a company already ate all your time for yourself. You're ten times busier."

"I know. But I'm loving this company now. You know how much I love papers. Imma eat them when I starve myself next time." I said then walked towards my table to sit on my swivel chair.

"Is it because of the plan you've said a year ago? Lisa, you know that revenge won't---"

"Shhh." I looked at her. "I know what I'm doing. I just need more investors then boom, I can have the freedom I want. The freedom we want." I emphasized the last sentence I said.

She sighed then fixed my hair. "I understand you, Lisa. I really do. I hope all your plans will succeed."

"It will because you helped me. Don't you want this? We can do whatever we want, we can live peacefully."

"Is this the peaceful life you want?"

"As long as they are suffering, it's peaceful for me." I smiled but Chaeyoung didn't buy my words.

"Just don't hurt yourself anymore, Lisa. I can't afford seeing you miserable again."

I pulled her to sit on my lap then I hugged her. "It's so warm whenever I'm with you. All the gloomy feelings are getting outside my body, Chong-ah."

"I said stop calling me that!" She glared on me that made me laughed because she's so cute.

"I will call you that forever and no one can change my mind." I winked then kissed her forehead. "I'll eat now, thanks for the food, Chong-ah."

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