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Jennie's POV

I started to walk down from my car to the café I built in Ulsan. My very first café is now at it's lowest peak because any moment, it might get close. I am here again, visiting it after we decided to left the house that Lisa bought for us.

"Noona." Kim Hanbin approached me when he saw me walking towards the café. He opened the door for me so I entered. "What are you doing here? I told you to rest."

"My mind is tire but my body isn't." I said then looked around. "There's no costumer?"

He shook his head slowly while looking at the floor. I can't help but laugh.... laughed crazily. "Literally, there's no one here but us and the staffs."


I sat on the chair I just pulled in front of Hanbin. "When the time that this café was built, I was so happy. I literally jumped on happiness." I paused and sighed. "I was so proud of myself because finally, at the early age, I was able to build my own business. I did my best to for the people to like the foods so that they can go back next time. I tried so many dishes that will suit their tastes. I did the trial and error so I spent my money to it even though I am not sure if this going to work properly."

"I used to say that there's always nothing to lose if you try because that's what life wants us to learn. To take the risk, even if the result is really unpredictable." I smiled at Hanbin not realizing that my tears already escaped from my eyes.

"I'm sorry, Noona. I didn't help you to save the café." He patted my shoulder.

I shook my head. "Don't be sorry, Hanbin. It's not your fault." I wiped my tears and we both looked at the door that was just opened by a young man with his black leather jacket.

The man who entered my café is unfamiliar and he doesn't look like Korean. He walked towards us so I stood up.

"Hello, Jen." He smiled and removed his yellow framed sunglasses and hanged it on his shirt.

"W-who are you?"

"Bambam." He paused and sat on one of the chair. "Lisa's younger brother."

My eyes widened when I heard those words. Hanbin on the other side was about to attack him but I stopped the man. "Go to your office, Hanbin."

"But Noona--"

"Please." I whispered.

He took a deep breath then shook his head in disbelief. When he entered the room, I walked towards Bambam.

"What do you want?"

"You're beautiful. Didn't expect that you will just fooled easily by my sister." He smirked.

I didn't answer, just waited for him to talk again.

"Hey, sit down. I will just talk to you in peace." He chuckled and pointed the chair on the other side if the table.

I sat down while looking at the man. Lisa didn't mention that he has a brother. Well, what to expect? She's a liar after all.

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