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Lisa's POV

"What do you want again, Mom?"

"Is it wrong that I wanted to have a dinner with my daughter and in my daughter in law?" She said wiping the side of her lips.

We're eating at one of the luxurious 5 star restaurant somewhere in Seoul and we are having some steaks but I don't have any appetite especially when my schedule was delayed because of some nonsense gathering like this. My wife, Chaeyoung, is sitting beside me and having her beef steak. That's one of her favorite as I still remember.

"Say ah..." she said as she moved up her fork and tried to feed me with the steak.

"I have mine." I said, didn't bother to take a glance on her. I also didn't bother to touch or slice my beef. I just drank my white wine.

I heard my mom coughed three times to break the awkward moment here. "Uh, Lisa sweetie, it's been two months since you got here and Rosé's parents are already asking why you're not going to your family house. (Definitely mine and Rosé's house.)"

"I'm busy at the hospital and I like being with Seulgi and Irene's place."

"But not staying at your true HOME isn't good to know. What will the other people say? Besides, that couple wants to have their private time although they are shy to tell you. You know what I mean." She said as she put her the steak knife and the fork. You can clearly see at my mom's posture and movements that she's extraordinary. She's not a typical mother you know. Never dare to wonder because she was born having a gold spoon in her mouth. Our family is exaggeratedly rich but I don't give a damn.

Since I got married, I didn't bother to spend at least a cent from their money. Because I am already working, it made easier for me to buy properties and businesses. Not in a literal way, I already told myself that I am not their heir anymore. I don't want to live my life focusing on how to be slaved by my own parents. They decided for me my whole life, I can't even decide for myself but not now. I am not that Lisa anymore, since that day. Since that fucking day.

I shook my head lightly to forget those thoughts because I might explode here. I can still control my emotions. Well, I've been doing that for my whole life so what's new?

"Hello there, fam!" We all averted to the person who talked. It's my acting like superhero brother.

He kissed my mom and Chaeng on their cheeks as a greeting then he looked at me. Well, it's my senses why I know that he's staring at me like he wants to kill me. Again, what's new? Everyone wants to kill me anyway.

"Did you already eat? The steak here became more tastier than ever now that you're back managing this restaurant." My mom tapped the shoulder of her loving son.

"Thanks mom. And I am sorry for being late. I had a board meeting and I need to hear some reports about the sales of my other restaurants." He said while smiling.

"You're always late. What's new with that?" I gave him a bored look.

"Oh, yes. I know it already. How about you? It's a miracle that you're here. I thought you're having some coffee or cakes in some fancy cafés out there." He smirked. Trying to mock me huh?

"I prefer those than these. It's pretty expensive but the quality isn't that great. 5 star who? I only know flop star." And the last smirk is for me because his was disappeared.

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