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Lisa's POV

"Wooooh!" Jennie shouted then opened her arms wide as she stood up on the passenger seat when the roof of my sports car opened.

I looked at her for a second and looked back to the road. I smiled widely because seeing her happy makes me the happiest too. We are now road tripping before the sunset. I decided earlier that we should go far away from the city now that I am on leave. It's my turn to spend my time for this woman.

"Lisa-ya, it's so refreshing!" She said while wearing her gummy smile. I wanted to stop the car and kiss those cheeks but it will ruin her moment.

I just nodded while driving.

"Why are you so quiet?" She asked, almost raising her voice for me to hear her clearly

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"Why are you so quiet?" She asked, almost raising her voice for me to hear her clearly.

I gave her a smile. A sweet one. "Seeing you like that, satisfies me already baby."

She sat down and hugged me from the side. She rested her chin on my shoulder. As much as I wanted to stare at her, I can't because we might get in an accident.

"Hope you hired a driver so we can both feel the fresh air." She pouted.

"I am enjoying it already, baby." I gave a quick kiss on her lips. "Don't distract me, I'm driving." I said while smiling.

"I am not doing anything, Lisa-ya."

"I know. But you're distracting me effortlessly. Are you really a human? Because you're impact towards me is really unbelievable. Hahahaha!"

She removed my sunglasses and wore it instead. "Just drive." She gently kissed my cheek and stood up again.

"Careful baby." I said as my eyes stuck on the road. We're driving along the zigzag road down to the beach. It's more like a rural area.

"I am." She closed her eyes as she let her body feel the wind against her skin. From her floral dress up to her hair waving like a water, she's beautiful. She's definitely and beautifully created by God. Wow.

I parked my car and we both walked together to the sea shore. I sat down on the sand and she sat down in front of me while turning her back on me. I wrapped my arms around her tummy. I just love back hugging my baby.

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