16 [M]

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Jennie's POV

"Thank you for coming, Lisa-ya." I hugged her and welcomed her inside my parents house.

"You're always welcome. I already told you that I'm only one call away." She winked and kissed me on the lips. She loves doing that tho. "When will they come back? Three months? Four?"

"You silly woman! It's just three days." I said while laughing.

"Oh, I misheard it. Sorry. But tell them to stay where they are for months and I'll take care of their maknae (youngest)." She put down her bag on the sofa and sat down. "Oh, what a busy day."

"Are you okay? You look so tired." I asked worriedly and prepared a coffee for her on the kitchen. Lisa told me that this is her comfort drink so whenever she's here, I'm always preparing one.

"I'm fine. Doing operations is my forte but it always taking so long so my body gets exhausted everyday." She said from the living room.

I carried her coffee and sat beside her. "Here." Then handed her the cup of coffee.

"Thank you." Then she kissed me on the lips before taking a sip. "Uh. I think your lips is better than this coffee."

"Lisa the silly woman." I laughed and slapped her arm lightly. "Go and drink. It will help you to relax."

"Thanks. Your coffee is the best."

"Why? Is there other woman making a coffee for you to say that mine's the best? Comparing maybe?" I rested my head on her shoulder and I heard her took a sip.

She placed the cup on the glass table and held my hand. "No other woman. It's just you. Only you." She kissed my the back of my hand and I smiled.

"I know, Lisa. I trust you." I looked t her and kissed her on the cheek.

"Thanks for trusting me. I love you, Jennie." Her beautiful brown eyes we're looking at me intensely and she placed her hand on my cheek to caress it. "Can I kiss you?"

"Why ask for permission? I thought you will do anything without asking for it?" I smiled while are face we're just an inch away from each other.

"I just feel like I need to ask. But if you will give me the permission to kiss you anytime then, I would love to do that every time I see you." Her head moved closer to me until her lips reached my lips.

I don't know if we feel the same way but I love it when her soft lips are touching mine. Lisa's kisses drove me crazy so I was late to realize that I am already laying down on the sofa and she's on top of me. We broke the kiss and we're both breathing heavily. Her eyes are looking at me like she wants to melt me with her gazes.

I lifted my hand and touched her cheek. "Is it weird that I am feeling so hot right now? It's winter yet my body can't keep up with the cold." I whispered.

She shook her head. "I'm feeling the same way too, hon." Her hand traveled on my chin to my neck. I gasped when her palm rested on one of my breast. "I'm sorry but I can't help myself. The fact that it's just you and me here makes me feel crazy."

I bit my lip. I'm already in late 20's and I know what's going on between us right now and I don't want to end this. Not now that my body is hearing up because of her touches. Not now that I am already drunk with her hot gazes even if we just started.

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