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Lisa's POV

"Good morning." Jackson popped out on my door while waving at me excitedly.

I looked at the well suited man. "Did you bring what I asked?"

"Good morning too, Jackson." He said in a sarcastic way while greeting himself.

I shook my head. I just took a bath and wear my formal clothes here on my office but I'm still not it a good mood because I can't sleep properly last night so I just did some paper works.

"Here you go." He put the white folder on my table while smiling. Damn, there's a note in front of the folder saying Smile before you open. "Idiot." I said the rolled my eyes that made him laugh.

"Can't you at least smile just a little? I don't work with a problematic boss." He said the sat down on the black sofa that was placed on the side of my office.

"Then resign." I said while opening the folder.

"His name is James Hendrick, a 56 year old man. He's half American and Half Korean. Based on the research we did, he has a wife with four kids. James owns one of the largest factory of wine and Belgium but his company was located in Los Angeles because that place is receiving the largest numbers of wine they are exporting. His company is one of the best company in LA and there's no doubt that he succeeded investing in some companies around North and South America. Now Asia is his next target, Manoban." Jackson explained.

I looked at him. "I know all the reasons of why this man is investing but why in this company?"

"Just simple. Your company is one of the reliable and successful company of hotels and restaurants last year so no doubt that he picked you."

I fixed my gray stripes suit while looking at the papers with James' informations.

"He is a big fish, Lisa. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and extend your company growth by letting him invest his money to your company. It will save all of us." He said while drinking the coffee that Secretary Mina served a while ago.

"When will I'm going to meet this man?"

"Tomorrow." He winked and took a sip of his black coffee again.


He grabbed something inside his black coat and handed me an envelope that looks like an invitation card. I opened it and saw what's written inside. "60th birthday of the prime minister, one of your fan." He smirked and go back to the sofa. "He will be attending with his mistress."

"Mistress? Why on earth he will come on that exclusive event with his mistress?"

"Ask him tomorrow, tell him to teach you how to keep your mistress in events like that too." He laughed but he suddenly stopped when I tapped the table loudly.

"Why am I receiving this invitation so late?" I frowned while looking at him. And yes, changing the topic. "This might ruin my schedule for the following days."

He scratched his head while smiling awkwardly. "Uh.... I forgot. Hehehe."

"Leave or I'll fire you, Mr. Wang." I glared at him which made him stood up . He waved his hand and bowed then run away from my office.

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