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"Curette." Then my assistant handed me what I said.

I used the curette to scrap the remaining  tumor inside the patient's head. After I removed it, I put it on a container for biopsy.

It's been hours since I started this operation and we're still in the middle of everything. I stretched my back and tilted my head to both sides. I can feel my joint popping.

"We can take a break, Dr. Manoban." Sung Jae said. He's assigned as my assistant in this hospital. He's also a second year trainee and still a long way to go.

"I'll continue, and you can take your break. Just send Jungkook to assist me." I said.

Some left and their substitute came inside the operating room so we resumed the operation. Sung Jae didn't leave me and he said that he'll stay.

"Suction." I said because the blood is blocking the view inside the area I'm cleaning.

"You want to close it?" I asked my assistant.

"Yes, Dr." he said straight away. He's a second year trainee and closing heads and spines were too basic for them. That's why doctors often trust their assistants with these.

"Finish this and rest after." I stood up and gave him a way to seat and do the rest. "Thank you for your hard work everyone." I announced and they bowed to me.

"Good job, Dr." they said.

After saying those words and letting my assistant to do the rest of the job, we are dismissed automatically but I stayed for more minutes until Jae finished closing it.


"You're improvement is fast enough to know everything. I'm so proud." I said to Sung Jae as I tapped his shoulder.

"I'm happy that I'm assigned as your assistant again, I have lot of things to learn." He smiled.

"I know. Go now and take your lunch. That operation took time to finish and I know that you're tired."

He bowed politely. "Thank you doctor." He said and left me.

I started to walk and went to the information desk where there are nurses responsible in taking notes and other documents.

"My schedule please." I smiled sweetly and I saw them blushed. Oh, these girls.

"Oh, hello Dr. Manoban. Here it is." She handed me a list of my schedule today. There's no schedule for operations but if there's an emergency that is urgent and needed to do an operation, I'm still available because there's just check ups on my schedule.

"Thank you. Send it to Sung Jae please." I handed back the list to the nurse which name is Jihyo and played with the pen on my hand.

"By the way, doctor. Someone is waiting for you, she said that she'll be on waiting area." As soon as she said those words I averted my eyes on the waiting area.

I saw my unexpected guest sitting and waiting for me patiently. A smile formed on my face. "Thank you. Don't forget to take a break and eat your lunch." I smiled to them and again, saw them blushing.

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