Chapter 41- Jake

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Katies pov

Today started out as a normal day, but then it became slightly weird. The biggest thing that was weird was that Jake was always following me, he didn't even talk to me until now. Sure he'd give me a couple of glances and would stare, but I didn't think anything of it.

"Uh not to be rude or anything, but why are you stuck up my ass all of a sudden?" I asked pointing to him, he shrugged and replied "You seem lonely."

You seem lonely

It echoed in my brain, was I really lonely? As I shook the thought out of my head I glared at him.

"I ain't lonely, now leave me alone." I stated walking to the lunch table to grab some porridge,

"Don't ya think you've been alone enough already?" Jake questioned. 

He was right, I've been alone for 5 days. I've shut everyone out. I stared out into space just thinking about everything, and everyone. I lost my friends, my family, my mom, Carl. But that's in the past and I gotta put the past behind me. I turned to face Jake only to see he was actually attractive, I finally noticed his striking features.

He had short chocolate brown hair, beautiful green eyes, and when he smiled it was perfect.

"I guess I could use the company..." I stated smiling a bit making Jake grin. "Great! So after breakfast what do you want to do?" He asked getting some porridge himself.

"Um I dunno...How bout we get to know eachother better?" I suggested arching an eyebrow wich caused him to chuckle, "Yeah that'd be great." He said leading us back to the table. We were half way though our breakfast and our conversation, when Carl and Taylor sat a few feet away from us. Taylor turned and smirked at me, knowing what she was about to do I turned away.

"Uh, do you wanna go somewhere else?" Jake asked noticing my discomfort, "please." I said with a small smile. As we got up from the table Daryl came around,

"Alright I'm telling ye now lil' boy, if ye hurt her I'm gonna load up my bow. Got me?" Daryl warned pointing at Jake with a knife, Jake looked frightened so I stepped in. "Leave him alone Daryl, we're just friends."

Daryl squinted his eyes at me and stuck his tounge out, then he turned to Jake and glared at him evily. When Daryl left I turned to a scared lookin Jake,

"Don't worry, his bark is worse then his bite." I assured him.

Sorry I couldn't get it done friday, I had to do homework for Pre AP English and saturday I went out of town to go to my Pawpaw's birthday. But I finally got to update! Yay! So I hope you guys like it. Xoxo

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