Chapter 40- Sticky situation part 2

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Katies pov

It's been a few hours since we've been stuck in this stupid ass tree and it sucks! Nobody's even tried to find us, shows how much they care...I figured that atleast Michonne would come and try to find us, but she didn't. Well thanks Michonne, ye sure do care! I looked around and there was a tree branch beside another, it looked stable for Daryl and I to cross.

"Daryl, look! There's a tree branch that leads to another, we can cross over to that other tree." I explained,

"Good idea, Kat. I'll go first to make sure it's stable." Daryl said crawling over to the branch. He carefully crawled accross to the other tree without any problem, my turn I guess. I started to crawl over, so far so good. I was nearly to Daryl when I felt nothing under my knees, oh shit. I fell! I felt my hands being grabbed, I looked up to see Daryl. Thank god!

"I gotcha kid!" he assured me, He started pulling me up but I could feel my hands slip out of his. Thats when I started to panick,

"I'm slipping!" I cried out. I looked down to see all the walkers reaching up to grab me, as I screamed I heard gun shots comming towards us. I looked from the walkers to the shooters only to see Rick, Michonne, Maggie, Beth, and Glenn. As they shot down walkers I could feel myself being lifted up, when I was fully up on the branch Daryl pulled me into a bone crushing hug.

"Thank god! Hey Rick!" Daryl said getting Rick's attention, "It's about damn time ya'll got here!" Rick looked down and chuckled, then looked back up shaking his head still smiling. "sorry" He simply replied, we all walked back to terminus only to have to fight more walkers just to get in. As soon a s we got in I went straight to 'my room ' and laid down, and just relaxed.

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