Chapter 28- Darkness in the light

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Daryls pov

I woke up in a dark room, I think it was metal. I looked around to see if my eyes would adjust, and they finally did. I seen a figure a cross the room,

"how ya feelin?" they said. It sounded like Michonne,

"Michonne?" I asked moving closer.

"Yup" she said popping the p, it was silent for a moment until we heard someone commuting. We quickly stood to our feet waiting for them to open the door, so we could maybe escape. Sadly their were four men, so we didn't try anything. We were blind folded and pulled out of the room, it felt like we were going up stairs. Why are we going up stairs? Then I heard a female voice, that voice belonged to my niece Katie! Oh shit Katie!

"The fuck do ye mean!?" she questioned growing even more pissed off,

"Well why don't you see for yourself?" the Governor stated and I was pushed forward a little scared of falling.

"Let them go, or I blow yer fuckin brains out!" Katie warned,

"if you blow my brains out then they die." the Governor exclaimed.

"put yer guns down." Katie orders,

"I said put yer guns down! Now!" she yelled growing impatient. The Governor Chuckled because I think they did as they were told,

"stupid redneck" he said loud enough for me to hear. "Fuck off" I stated madly,

"Oh I wouldn't say that, being so close to the edge that is." he whispered in my ear.

" Get them back to the cart and grab the others!" he ordered, the blind fold was soon off and I was back in the small room. Michonne and I waited for the others to join us When we heard a gun shot, soon after there was yelling. It sounded like Carl? Oh shit no, no, no, no! Please don't let it be Katie! I stood up, and started pacing around the room. And then I seen Glenn, Maggie, Carol, Carl, Rick, and Katie. I ran to Carol and Katie and embraced them in a hug,

"I was so scared for ye two!" I said worriedly.

"I know, but we're fine! He just killed one of his own." Carol informed me, we soon let go of our embrace.

"Is everyone okay?" Rick asked looking around, everyone said yes and started trying to figure a way out.

"How are we gonna get out?" Maggie asked pushing on the door,

"I dunno." Rick said stressfuly.

"I got an idea!" Katie said, she jumped up and then started banging on the door and screaming. Soon enough someone cane over,

"Shut the he-" He started but was kicked in the nose. I rushed to Katie side and look out, nobody near us. What a bunch of fucking idiots! I waved everyone outside, then we trailed behind the cart and jumped the fence that secured terminus.

Soon we were back at the prison, happily talking and laughing.

"I'm going to tend to the crops." Hershall informed us, after he left we heard a gunshot outside. We all quickly ran outside to see the Governor with Hershall tied up on his knees,

"Rick Grimes! Give me Michonne and you'll get Hershall back!" he yelled.

"No! we can work something out!" Rick exclaimed,

"I don't think so." The Governor stated shaking his head.

"Please! Let's not let something happen like last time!" Rick yelled trying to reason,

"I don't care! I want Michonne!" The Governor yelled. Rick shook his head no, and the Governor looked pissed.

"Fine!" He said pulling out a sword,

"Give me Michonne!" The Governor yelled putting the blade to Hershalls neck. Rick still said no, and that was the last time The Governor asked before he-

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