Chapter 16- Nobody except you.

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After Glenn took me away I could hear Katie scream, and that just broke my heart. I know they had to doctor her wound but they were hurting her! And Kim, man I hope dad kicks her out of the group. Glenn brought me back to my cell and I balled my eyes out, I wish they'd let me see her. I heard Daryl walking towards my cell So I quickly wiped my tears away,

"hey Katies in her cell resting you can go check on her if you want." Daryl informed me. I stood up and practically ran to Katie, when I got there Maggie was changing Katie shirt. I got a glimpse of her hot pink sports bra, I stopped staring at her and knocked on the wall.

"Oh hey Carl, you come to check on her?" Maggie asked putting Katie's shirt on,

"yeah, I wanted to see how she's doing." I stated pulling a chair in the cell and sitting in it.

"Ok, if she gets up give her these. Don't worry they're just pain killers." she informed me,

"Okay" I simply stated. Why does this stuff always happen to her? Why Katie? Why not me? I'd rather it happen to me then her, just then Katie eyes fluttered open.

"Carl? where's my da-ow!" she said wincing in pain, I stood up quickly grabbing her pain killers and water.

"here, they're pain killers Maggie said to give them to ya cause you'll need them." I stated handing them to her, she gladly took the pills and downed them with water.

"thank you." she said slightly smiling,

"no problem." I implied. It was awkward after that because neither of us said a word, well that it until she broke the silence.

"Hey Carl? Will you lay down with me?"

"sure" I said shrugging, Katie was about to scotch over when I stopped her.

"No, don't move you'll upset your wound." I stated crawling over her, I wrapped my arms around her waist careful not to hurt her wound.

"I could lay like this forever, well minus the stab wound." she murmured,

"me too" I agreed looking in her eyes. We both leaned in and our lips connected, I still love kissing her. Her lips are so smooth, I just always want to kiss her and be around her.

"I love you Katie." I said when we pulled away,

"I love you too Carl." she said cuddling up to me and falling asleep. I watched her sleep, then I soon did the same thing.

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