Chapter 1- Really?

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Hi so this is my third fanfic and yeah I'm still on my other two but I'll work on them all! So I hope you like it!


Hi my name is Katie Dunnchestar and I'm 14 years old, and right now I currently live with my dad somewhere in Georgia. Why don't I know where I live? Well because we're in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse, yes you heard me. As for my mom well my dad says she died so we had to leave her behind, I was crushed when I didn't get to say goodbye to her body. My dad said if we would have stayed any longer then she would've turned into a walker and killed us, I didn't really believe it but I had to go with him. Right now we're in a random home eating some old canned tuna yeah I know gross but its the only thing we have and I'm starving. My dad piled up on the couch and took the floor, we hadn't checked the upstairs bedrooms since there was furniture piled up on the stairs. Night fell and I made sure everything was locked up, I sat on the floor wondering if we were the only people still alive. I wondered if Michonne was still alive, Michonne was my moms friend they grew up together. They were best friends, soon I began to cry but not were it would wake my father because I knew if he woke up I'd pay the price.

Next day....

I woke up first as usual, my dad never gets up early. suddenly I seen it, a walker. It was trying to get through the furniture so I rose my pistol to kill it then I seen about five more. I started to panic since the furniture collapsed letting all the walkers through, thankfully my dad woke up. "What the hell is going o-" my dad didn't get to finish because he ran out the door with me standing in the living room. I quickly made my way outside but I couldn't find my dad, now I have no one.


This sucks.

I was walking down the street when a walker came in sight I didn't bother to shoot it, it wasn't even worth it. I started to go around it but three more came into view I quickly got my silencer and pistol and shot everyone of them. I guess there was another one behind me because I heard someone yell, "look out!" I quickly turned after hearing the slicing of a walkers head only to see one person.


I could tell she was shocked to see me because her eyes got big at the sight of me. "Katie? Is it really you?" she asked in disbelief, I shook my head yes in response and embraced her in a tight hug. "Michonne....My dad is waiting for us, let's go." I could hear a male voice behind us, I let her go and we both turned to see who it was.

Carl Grimes.

I hated Carl and I was threated by him, why? Well because before the Apocalypse we went to school together and he bullied me. He called me mean names, told me I had no friend, and pushed me around. "Okay Carl, come on Katie let's see if you can stay." Michonne said rubbing my back soothingly, Carl looked to her then me giving me warm smile.

I'm not falling for it again Grimes.

"So Katie weres your mom?" Michonne asked with hope in her tone,"She's uh well-" I started to cry just thinking about it. Michonne also started to cry, "Here we are." Carl said stopping at a wooden door, he gave a little knock on it then it opened. "Hey your back! I was beginning to worry-" he stopped to look at me.

Oh crap he recognized me.

"Katie?" he said a little confused, "oh uh hi Sheriff Grimes" I told him sending a fake smile and small wave towards him. "How do you know each other?" Michonne asked confused. "Well let's discuss that inside, shall we?" Rick said opening the door so we could enter. "So dad how do you know her?" Carl questioned his father, "You don't remember? wow, okay well you two went to school together. You guys were in the same class." Rick stated, and then the worst thing Carl remembered. "Oh yeah! Uh Katie Dunncastar right?" he asked hopeful , "no Dunnchestar." I corrected him. We were all silent for a minuet then michonne spoke up, "Where is your dad, katie?" I looked to the ground and then began to explain everything to her. The day went by fast and night was soon here. We all slept on the ground, Michonne slept near the kitchen I slept next to her, then Carl, then Rick. Why did I have to sleep next to him?

I was sleeping on something warm, without thinking I snuggled up closer to whatever I was on and then I felt an arm rap around my waist. I don't know what I was thinking because I snuggled closer hugging it and realising it was a body. I thought it was Michonne until I heard a male chuckle. I quickly opened my eyes looking up only to see one person.


Ohhhh what just happened there? what's gonna happen next? I'll be updating soon! so I hope you'll like it and I hope you liked this chapter!

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