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Chapter 38- No hunting for you

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Taylors pov

Damn I'm glad I was in that train cart, why? Well now I can make Katies life miserable! Again. I already accomplished taking Carl, I wonder what else I can do...

I soon was pulled out of my thoughts by Carl, What an idiot. "Hey Tay" He said kissing my forehead,

"hey hey babe" I replied showing my teeth. We sat at the tables for a few minutes until everyone else started sitting down. Hmm no Katie? I wonder why?

Katies pov

I woke up laying in the train cart with a blanket over me, aww uncle Daryl. I sat up and stretched, looking around I smiled. No Taylor of Carl, for now. As I stood up I strapped my holster on and put my crossbow on my back, I walked to the tables to see oh guess who? Taylor and Carl sucking faces, how nice....I walked around the table trying not to look at Taylor and Carl.

"Hey uncle Daryl!" I exclaimed making him jump then look up,

"oh hey kiddo, uh whatcha need?" he asked looking back down to his bow.

"Well I was wondering if we could go hunting..?" I asked smiling like a three year old getting candy,

"Got yer inhaler?" He asked putting the rag down that he used to clean his bow.

"Mmhmm" I said as I dug in my pocket then pulled out my inhaler showing him,

"Okay lets go." he said pulling on his bow. Just as we were about to leave assho-Oh I mean Taylor spoke up,

"Can I go? I wanna go!" Daryl and I turned around then he looked to me. I slightly shook my head no then he turned back to Taylor, "no it's our bonding time." he stated turning around. I was about to turn around to, but my body had something else in mind. "Plus you don't know how to shut the fuck up, bitch" And with that I turned around and walked away, but not before seeing Rick nearly choke on his water. When Daryl and I walked out of Terminus he busted out laughing,

"What?" I asked confusingly.

"What do you mean 'what?' Miss 'Plus you don't know how to shut the fuck up?' " He said mockingl, I cracked a smile then looked up at him.

"Shut up" I playfully said pushing him, As he put an arm around my shoulder he said "So what are we goin fer? 13 squirrels, 8 possums, and an 8 pointer?" I pretended to think a minute then looked up at him, "Nah, lets go with a 12 pointer." I said proudly. He whistled then smiled "That's my girl." he stated. We soon were out in the woods, ah no Carl or Taylor. Just us, well maybe a few walkers too.

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