Pretty Pink Crystal by Le_retard
Pretty Pink Crystalby Le_retard
Morty gets bored in Rick's garage because of that he starts to look around Rick's stuff and finds a pink crystal which he investigates out of curiousity but then somethi...
  • fluff
  • lol
  • morty
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riordanverse oneshots by SuperPika
riordanverse oneshotsby Lee S. Pluto
whenever i get inspirations for a oneshot ill write it here
  • mcga
  • oneshots
  • pjo
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The Walking Dead (Alice) by xXBRooKZz
The Walking Dead (Alice)by
Alice Sky Grimes is a 6 year old girl trying to survive with her family she smart, strong, funny, quite, quick learner, nice, beautifully, This is her story
  • thewalkingdead
  • negan
  • zombies
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Ultimate Crossover, Book One: The Fey [PJO, HoO, ToA, MC, KC, Solangelo] by Caliptoa
Ultimate Crossover, Book One: The...by Kayla Stone
Nico di Angelo. Percy Jackson. Annabeth Chase. Piper McLean. Leo Valdez. Will Solace. Frank. Hazel. Carter and Sadie Kane. Blitzen. Hearthstone. Magnus Chase. Alex Fierr...
  • magnus
  • percy
  • chase
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Hills ( p a r t one ) by dixonsqueen
Hills ( p a r t one )by dixonsqueen
When the world ended, those who inherited the earth were damned. They were cursed to have pain and sorrow, to loose those they love. To face another day of having to fig...
  • dixon
  • ốc
  • walking
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Bob da peanut butter (COMPLETED) by Cake4Breakfeast
Bob da peanut butter (COMPLETED)by Cake4Breakfeast
Bob is peanut butter. The most buttery and peanuty peanut butter in the entire world of peanut butter. What is the life of peanut butter, you may ask? Well, you have to...
  • shortstory
  • cake4breakfeast
  • bob
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(Rick X Reader Ver)  If your dream became a reality :Rick and Morty x reader:  by MeBoFizz
(Rick X Reader Ver) If your dream...by A random person who writes st...
Same story as the other if your dream became a reality but Rick x reader version
  • rickandmorty
  • morty
  • ricksanchez
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La fusión perfecta  *rick Sanchez* by mikalekinomoto
La fusión perfecta *rick Sanchez*by AleFarfan
rick es una persona llena de secretos, uno de los mas grandes es el de la historia de morita, la cual jamas quiso revelar, pero opto por contarla a su nieto morty el cua...
  • amor
  • lemon
  • rick
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Lindsey Ann Grimes by shadowray17
Lindsey Ann Grimesby shadowray17
What happens if Rick's daughter Lindsay Ann Grimes Was in a coma and not Rick. Lindsey was a product of an affair. She is four years older than Carl. It will not go exac...
  • coma
  • zombies
  • carl
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Daryl Dixon's by fuckingbrothers
Daryl Dixon'sby fuckingbrothers
He is a hunter that don't know he had a daughter. When the walkers came about he finds a group and his daughter is in the group.
  • story
  • thewalkingdead
  • walkers
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Rick x Reader by QueenDice1256
Rick x Readerby Miya
You just moved into town and the house across from you seems to be more interesting then that rest, what will happen when you get involved? will you stay involved? or le...
  • xreader
  • space
  • story
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Rick and Morty: New random adventures by the_cool_people
Rick and Morty: New random adventu...by the_cool_people
One of my friends in shcool recomended me to watch Rick and Morty, so I did. I expected it to be boring, but then in the next minute I'm watching it, I end up laughing m...
  • summer
  • morty
  • crap
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When You Mix Cinnamon With Salt by ILovePiSquard
When You Mix Cinnamon With Saltby ILovePiSquard
Will and Nico are just good friends. Really good friends. And one day, they might be more. But, the world may not be ready for that yet. Follow Nico and Will as they try...
  • solangelo
  • nico
  • fanficromance
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When Worlds Colide: The Walking Dead meets The Last Of Us by Pizzagamer7
When Worlds Colide: The Walking De...by Zach
What happens when Ellie and Joel find out Tommy's has been a bust? then find themselves being saved by a Sheriff and his son?
  • tlou
  • thewalkingdead
  • twd
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Rick and Morty Texts by MasterMorty
Rick and Morty Textsby Damn Son
Rick texts Morty in the Middle of the Night. One of those "drunk Rick texts" he has been receiving for months. He decides to ignore these texts, but regrets it...
  • rick
  • rickandmorty
  • morty
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Missing Pieces  by carlgrims
Missing Pieces by Princess
Eight years ago, Rick Grimes was shot and sent into a coma. While he was in the coma, the walking dead began to take over the world. Months into the end, Rick woke up, w...
  • alternateuniverse
  • rick
  • grimecest
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Daryl Dixon's daughter  by school_of_rock123
Daryl Dixon's daughter by School Of Rock 123
My name is Alexia Frankie Dixon and I'm the daughter of Daryl Dixon and I'm sixteen years old. A lot has happened to me over the years. Let me take you back to the first...
  • jim
  • ed
  • rick
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a quiet place, rick grimes. by poseybility
a quiet place, rick grimes.by neve.
something wicked this way comes...
  • romance
  • horror
  • grimes
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Carl grimes (afterlife) by nay-b-battle
Carl grimes (afterlife)by nay-b-battle
After Carl was bitten, he died. But he ended up coming back from the dead but not as a walker, he came back as himself. He had all his memories.
  • twd
  • carl
  • michonne
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You're bad but I like it (Rick Sanchez X Reader)  by ScarletCipher
You're bad but I like it (Rick San...by Ghasper Rose
She's an assassin He's c-137 This should be interesting
  • hot
  • reader
  • rick
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