chapter 15- trying to get back

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I woke up with a massive headache! What happened? And where am I? Oh my God! There are walkers everywhere! And I'm in a dog cage! Who did thi- Kim!

That mother fucking baby! (I would say the p word for cat but I don't feel comfortable saying it.)

I quickly felt around for my knife and gun, damnit she took them! oh well at least I have my spares!

I reached into my boot and pulled out my knife and gun, there was only about ten walkers.

I undid the latch and shot the walkers,

I ain't got a silencer. I looked around and seen more walkers coming around the corner, I quickly ran to the doors escaping. Walkers followed behind me, and closely. I shot most of them down but I ran out of amo, I guess it's time for me to look in front of me and run faster.

I ran and ran and ran, I then seen a familiar road. It was the road that led to the prison, I continued to run but I was getting tiered and quickly. I seen a ditch nearby and jumped in it, I then looked up to see the walkers walking right passed me.

I waited until they were all gone then I started walking again, I should get back to the prison around 5:00 o'clock. I'm ready to see Carl, I'm ready to see Daryl, my friends, And I'm ready to see Kim. When I get back I'm gonna beat the shit out of her!
50 minutes later....

I was finally at the gate and no one was on watch, well I guess I'm climbing the fence. I started to climb down then I heard someone yell,

"Who the fuck are ye!?" they yelled.

I looked in the distance to see Daryl, he was pointing a gun at me.

"Well are ye gonna take the shot or what!?" I yelled to him, he then realised it was me.

"Katie!?" he exclaimed running towards me, when he got to me he gave me the biggest bear hug in the world.

"what happened to ye?" He questioned looking into my eyes,

"Kim" I simply stated. That's when his anger grew,

"I fucking knew it!" he growled.

"I'm gonna kill 'er!" he screamed stomping his way up to the prison, I quickly followed stopping him.

"no, I'm gonna take care of her." I said smirking,

"okay then let's go!" he exclaimed leading me to the prison doors. When we reached the doors Daryl opened them, but no one looked up. Not even Carl, but I seen something that pissed me off. Kim was sitting beside him and hugging him,

"Look who's back!" Daryl yelled mainly to Kim. People quickly got up And through questions at me,

"Are you okay!?"

"We thought you were dead!"

"what happened to you!?"

"how'd you get back?"

I put my hand up to silence them and answered a few questions.

"I'm fine, I walked, and Kim." I stated seeing a few shocked faces when I said Kim,

"speaking of her, I need to take care of some business." I said walking towards her and dragging her out the door. Everyone followed us and watched carefully,

"Now you screwed with the wrong person!" I yelled throwing her down.

"did I? because I though I screwed with a dumbass hillbilly!" she yelled throwing a punch at me but I dodged it sending my own fist to her face, I watched as she fell to the ground holding her jaw. I took the advantage to soccer kick her ass,

"Now dont" *kick* "you ever" *kick* "come near me" *kick* "EVER AGAIN!" *KICK*

I watched Kim double over in pain many times, but nobody tried to stop me. I gave her one last punch in the nose hearing a crack, I turned around to see everyone staring at me. I looked around to find Carl, then my eyes met those sparkling blue orbs. I ran towards him embracing him in a tight hug feeling some tears on my shirt,

"I-I thought I l-lost y-you." Carl sobbed into my neck.

"You can't get rid of me, I'm a Dixon" I said, we stayed in that position until I felt a sharp pain in my side.

"AHHH!" I yelled in pain falling to the ground,

"Katie! Katie stay with me!" Daryl yelled putting pressure on my side. I tried my hardest to keep my eyes open but they got heavier by the second.

"ye know, I pass out way to much" I mumbled trying to keep myself awake, I felt Daryl pick me up and run into the prison. then my eyes shut.
Five minutes later...

I woke up to my side pounding and throbbing, then I realised someone was pouring something on my wound. My eyes shot open and I jumped up, I tried to move but Rick and Daryl held me down while Maggie poured some more on it.

"Now this is gonna sting but it'll help" she explained,

"AHHHHHHH! Please! Let me go! Please! Daryl let me go! AHHHH!" I screamed out. then that's when Carl ran in,

"Your hurting her! Let her go! your hurting her!" he yelled trying to get them off of me.

"Carl leave now!" Rick yelled looking to his son,

"Carl help me please!" I begged him crying. Carl tried to get them to let me go then Daryl yelled for Glenn,

"Glenn! Glenn get your ass in here and get Carl!" Glenn quickly came in and grabbed Carl trudging out. I could tell he was having trouble getting him out but that didn't stop him,

"Okay let her go I'm done!" Maggie said. Daryl let go then looked at me stroking my hair, I tried to get up but he stopped me.

"No you need to rest, lay down." he said,

"Lay down?" I mumbled then fell asleep. Why do I always black out? why does this happen to me? I asked myself.

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