Chapter 10- Hunting And more...

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Daryl and I were out hunting right now, so far we've gotten 3 rabbits, 4 squirrels, and 2 possums.

"So.." I trailed off, "how was life since mom didn't let you and merle come around?" I asked staring off into a distance.

"Shitty, I didn't get to see you and I was doin stuff I'm ashamed of." He replied without emotion.

"Oh, well um what do you want to talk about?" I asked turning to him,

"How was school? Did ye get into any fights?" He asked smiling.

"Of course I did! Do you not know I have Dixon blood in me?!" I said sarcastically,

"Yeah yeah yeah, um have ye ever-" He was about to ask when a walker came up behind me and nearly bit me. "AHHHHHHH!" I screamed as I held the walker away from my neck, thankfully Daryl reacted fast because the walker was suddenly dead and off of me.

"I think that's enough hunting for one day." he breathed out looking at the game and then the walker,

"Okay, let's go" I panted trying to catch my breath.

"Katie, just breath in and out. In and out, in and out." Daryl said breathing with me as I caught my breath,

"where's your inhaler?" He asked concern covering his face.

"At the prison, with my stuff." I said before I blacked out.

Sorry if it sucked! And sorry it's so dang short, You'll find out if Katie and Daryl make it back to the prison! Okay bye! :) xoxo

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