chapter 23- where are we?

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Hey guys! so I know this is not how TWD goes, but in the story this is were terminus is introduced. I just wanted to clear that up before you guys got upset about me changing the story, and just wanted to say thanks for 3.5k+ ! that's sicckkk! thanks guys love you, enjoy the chapter! xoxo

Michonne's pov

Damn, what happened to us? I thought opening my eyes to see I was in a dark room,

"Katie? Katie? Katie where are you?" I whispered. There was a long pause then a groan, shit I was I put in a room with walkers! I stupidly reached for my katana knowing it wouldn't be there,

"ugh! Where am I? Michonne! Oh my god where are you?" Katie frantically asked.

"Right here just feel around and come forward." I instructed holding out my hand, finally she found me and embraced me in a huge hug.

"Where are we?" she asked standing up,

"I don't know it looks like we're in a dark room or something." I stated standing up and walking forward to see a small light in what looked like was a door. I peeked through the crack to see men with guns guarding the door to a building, and I seen a man coming to the room with two needles. I backed away when he opened the door,

"now who wants to go to sleep first?" He asked moving forward to me. But before he could inject the substance into me I punched him in the stomach and then in the mouth, I quickly grabbed Katie's hand and jerked her out dashing outside and around the room we were in. when we turned the corner there was a fence in our path, but it didn't stop us from getting the hell out of there. As we jumped the fence we received a few shots fired at us, but nothing major.We ran until we were far enough away from those nut jobs.

"Yes! We got out of there!" I yelled and turned to see Katie's leg bleeding,

"oh my god Katie! You got shot!" I yelled pointing to her wound.

"oh yeah" she blankly said looking down at it,

"doesn't it hurt?" I questioned worryingly.

"Michonne I've been through so much shit I think a little gun wound is fine." she said arching her brow,

"okay if you say so." I said walking until I seen mine and Katie's katana hanging up in a tree, these guys must be idiots! I quickly climbed up and grabbed both katana's handing Katie hers, and then we started walking.

"so do you still have your phone?" I asked looking from in front of me to Katie,

"actually I think I do!" Katie said excitedly. Thankfully she did have her phone and she dialed the one person I knew she'd call.


"Hello? Daryl?" she said into the phone, then there was a long pause.

"Yes I know! But I'll explain everything when you get us." she said and once more there was a long pause,

"um I don't really know Oh! there's Wal-Mart! come on Michonne! Hey Daryl we're at the Wal-Mart when I got left." She said running to the entrance,

"okay bye, love you." Katie said hanging up.

"He said that he'll be here in 15 maybe 8" Katie said smirking,

"Great! Now let's just wait" I said sitting down.
Katies POV

Yay! Daryl's coming! I can't wait to see him! And I'm ready to see Carl.


He must be so worried! I thought as I sat down by Michonne leaning my head on her shoulder, I felt my eyes get heavy and soon I was asleep.
20 minutes later

I was laying down somewhere and my eyes began to open but they wouldn't open fully,

"Where are we?" I asked before falling back asleep.

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