Chapter 39- sticky situation part 1

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Katies pov

We were out hunting and so far we got 9 squirrels, and 8 possums. We're still keeping an eye out for a deer, boy would it be nice to have deer tonight. As we sat in scilence I started to think about the first time I met Carl, and when I found Daryl. It was great, we were all so happy until the Governor came. He ruined everything. If he would've left us alone then we wouldn't have found Taylor, and Taylor wouldn't have Carl. I was suddenly pulled out of thought when I heard some moaning and groaning, I didn't even realise how far into the woods we were until I looked around.

"Shit! Climb a tree now!" Daryl yelled shooting a walker in the head, I quickly did as I was told and climbed the tree. Looking down I seen Daryl right behind me, but I soon realised our possums were still on the ground.

"Ah shit! Our possums!" I whined, as Daryl chuckled a bit I shot some walkers.

"Hey! Don't use all your amo!" Daryl said putting a hand on my gun, I put my gun back in my holster then looked around. How the hell are we going to get out of this?

Hey guys sorry for the short chapter! I had a sticky situation at walmart and nearly got band, yes band. Why? Well remember when I said one part of my family was making trouble? Well some of them were making trouble in walmart, and I may or may not've flipped them off. whoops... So now I have only a little amount of time on my phone so now it's pissing me off.... >:C

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