Chapter 22- we're back.

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Katie POV

It was Kim!

I thought she was dead!

"Well Well Well. What do we have here?" Kim said smugly, "The quiet one and the redneck bitch!" she shouted,

"Ye better remember the ass whooping I gave ye last time you fucked with this redneck bitch!" I spit back with venom spilling off every word.

"Now now, no need to be rude girls." the man butted in, he had dark brown hair with a little gray, an eye patch, he was tall, he was also skinny but not too skinny.

"You!?" Michonne exclaimed looking wide eyed at the eye patch dude,

"Me." He announced raising his arms up in the air.

"B-but I killed you! I stabbed you!" Michonne yelled,

"yes, you did stab me. And by the way, thanks for the scar." The eye patch dude said lifting his shirt up showing us his scar. "Now where is the rest of your people?" He asked smiling devilishly at us,

"we're not telling you anything!" Michonne shouted, spitting in front of the dudes feet. There was a moment of silence then I broke it,

"Who the hell are ye!?" I yelled squirming under the guys grip.

" They haven't told you about me? tsk tsk tsk." he said sounding a little shocked.

"Why I'm the Governor!" he exclaimed raising his arms up yet again, he had a evil smile plastered on his face.

Well fuck us! I thought.

hey guys I'm updating more chapters to make up for missing so many update days. hope y'all like it! bye love you guys! <3 xoxo

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