chapter 18- I broke it.

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When dad and I got done I went back up to the tower to find Katie, but she wasn't there! I started to get worried, I looked everywhere but I couldn't find her. The worst part is I seen everyone in jo's group except that perv, that really scared me. Then I heard a scream, I quickly rushed out of the prison frantically looking everywhere. As I made my way over to the side of the building I seen a foot, I rounded the corner to see the most horrific sight.

It was Katie, she was being rapped.

I tried to run to her, but was stopped by one of Jo's guys.

"Let me go!" I said squirming around to get out of his grip,

"Now Now lover boy, you'll miss the show if I let you go." he whispered chuckling. He held me tightly and I tried to yell for help but he covered my mouth, I looked at Katie crying and begging me for help.

"Help me Carl! Please" she begged crying her eyes out, I didn't know what to do. I closed my eyes because I couldn't watch, but the guy yelled at me "watch!"

I shook my head in a no, but he wouldn't take it for an answer.

"watch or we'll kill her!" he threatened, I couldn't bare to watch; but I couldn't let her die. Katie screamed in pain many times, and many times her mouth was covered. The two men laughed like it was a joke, I had to think of a way to get out. I have to help Katie, then I thought of it. I rose my foot up then stomped it on the man's foot, he let go and held his foot. thank you cowboy boots! I jolted over to the man who was violating Katie and jumped on his back, he stood and tried to shake me off but he couldn't. I yelled for help and waited for someone to come, I was about to yell again but I was thrown to the ground. I was unable to catch my breath, but I tried my hardest. The man who was holding me earlier climbed on me holding me down, I struggled yet again to get out of his grip but I couldn't. The man who violated Katie was about to do it again, but luckily a fist flew to the side of his face.

It was Daryl.

The man flew off Katie right when Daryl hit him, Daryl continued to hit him in different areas. I then heard my dad yelling at the dude that was on me, and suddenly he was ripped off of me. I scrambled to Katie pulling everything up, I noticed there was blood on Katie and now on my hands. Katie was still crying, I grabbed her and held her close watching the fight between Daryl, dad, Glenn, Michonne, and Jo's group. I could tell Daryl wanted Katie's rapist to suffer, Daryl wanted him to die a slow and painful death. Just as Daryl turned around he received a blow to the face, he was about to get up But was kicked down. I looked around to see my dad taking a bite of Jo's neck, everyone stopped and looked at Jo's body falling. Michonne snapped out of it and shot the man in front of her, everyone then followed her actions. When Jo's group was killed Daryl ran to Katie, he gently picked her up and cried. Katie and Daryl both cried into each other,

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Katie" He cried out sitting on the ground rocking back and forth. Michonne also came over to Katie crying,

"I'm sorry Katie, this is all my fault! I should've been watching you." Daryl cried out once more.

"N-no, it's not your f-fault, y-you didn't k-know." Katie stuttered,

"I should've though" Daryl sniffled.

"I'm tired, can I sleep?" Katie asked,

"Yeah, your gonna need to sleep." Maggie informed Katie.

"ok, carry me?" Katie asked wiping tears away and holding on to Daryl tightly,

"yeah kiddo" Daryl said wiping his nose on he's sleeve. Ewwwwwwwww! Dad, Glenn, Josh, and David took the bodies and burnt them. (Josh and David are random characters I made up.) Daryl, Machonne, Maggie, and I walked into her cell surrounding her, Daryl carefully sent her down then Maggie sent us out to change Katie's clothes. When Maggie called us back in Katie was still sleeping, but she had a gray shirt on, black basketball shorts on, and her hair was pulled into a messy bun. I would also say she still looked beautiful in sporty clothes and not just skinny jeans and bon jovi shirts, Daryl and I stayed there beside her all day. We didn't move a muscle, people would come in and out to see how she's doing but they left afterwords.

"Carl you need to go eat, I'll watch 'er" Daryl stated not taking his eyes off her,

"I'm not hungry." I said blankly not taking my eyes off of he myself. Daryl said nothing he just looked at me and turned back to Katie Kat, wait Katie Kat? Hmmm, I like it.

My dad came in a few times to check on her and to tell me to get something to eat, but I declined every time. I couldn't leave Katie Kat, I'm worried about her too much.

That night......

Daryl and I never left her room, well until we had to see. Lol, but other than that we didn't leave her side. Daryl soon fell asleep, but I was still awake. Balling my eyes out, I don't know when I started crying; but I don't care. I couldn't think straight either, so many questions ran through my mind. I wish it was me and not Katie, everything happens to her. And the worst part, I broke my promise. I promised to stay next to her and I didn't, this is all my fault. I can't believe I broke my promise to the one I'm In love with, I'm so stupid! After a long time of crying and thinking I finally croaked out four words,

"I love you Katie."

Then I kissed her forehead and sat back in my chair.

I'm sorry! You must hate me for this chapter! But like I said my mom says to have HUGE drama somewhere in stories, if you comment BE NICE! I'm still very sorry, I know you didn't want that to happen but it had too. :/

Thanks for reading guys! love you xoxo.

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