Chapter 32- SURPRISE

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Michonne's POV

It's been a day without Katie and everything's just so quiet, Daryl doesn't talk. Carl doesn't talk, nobody talks. This place is really fucking stupid, Kim is being a little bitch all the time and is constantly cussing us out.

"Time to eat!" A lady yelled interrupting my thoughts, we all walked towards her ready to grab our plates. Again we had ribs, but they didn't taste like them. They tasted weird. We all sat in silence until Rick spoke up,

"We need to find a way out of here." everyone looked around with a mouthful of food and nodded. Rick looked around for a escape plan, or just anything He could use to escape.

"What's wrong with the food? Do you not like human?" The lady with the red hair asked smirking,

"W-what?" Maggie questioned spitting her meat out.

"You heard me, it's human meat." she said laughing, just as she threw her head back in laughter Daryl kicked her stomach and made a run for it. Everyone then jumped up and followed close behind him, without hesitation we ran for the gates almost making it when shots were fired. We all stopped when they appeared in front of us and turned to the right, we began running again until we were behind the train cart. Rick handed Judith to Carl and told him to jump the fence behind us, and that's just what he did.

Carl's POV

Dad gave Judith to me and told me to jump the fence and leave. At first I questioned him because I didn't have a gun, but I remembered at the prison we left the gun bag! it'll be risky, but I'll be able to get the bag. So I guess it's onward to the prison!

I kept walking until I got tiered, thankfully there was a farm house up the road that I could see. So I dashed up to the front step and banged on the door. Nothing came, not a sound. So that was a good sign right? I guess so, because when I entered the place looked as if it had been cleared out a long time ago. I went towards the kitchen looking for food when I found canned corn and carrots, well Judith likes Carrots so I guess she'll eat these. I quickly opened the can for the whiney baby and fed her, thank God she's not picky with food! Just as I was putting her down to sleep I heard a noise up stairs, fuck I thought it was safe...

I ran to the kitchen and got a butcher knife, why would someone not take these? Oh well at least I have a knife now, I slowly climbed the steps to a bedroom. I checked everywhere in that bedroom, but nothing. Thats when I went to the other bedroom, and the best thing I saw was standing right there with a gun in their hand.

Rick's POV

After Carl ran away The Governor yelled at all of us, then he put us back in the train cart. Everyone was quiet at first, but Glenn then spoke up.

"What are we going to do?"

"We're going to get out of here." I said answering his question, it got silent again and that's when I decided we were getting out of here. I said we were going to get out of here, and that's whet we're going to do.

Hey guys! Thanks for so many reads! And also do you think the group will get out? Who did Carl see? Well, just wait till next chapter! Bye love ya! xoxo

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