Chapter 25- Here we go again

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Katie POV

I woke up in the field to Carl playing with my hair,

"Good morning beautiful." He greeted smiling down at me.

"Good morning." I greeted back, we just laid there in silence until Daryl interrupted us.

"Hey love birds! Get in 'er! breakfast is ready!" He yelled as he motioned us inside, I was about to get up when Carl pulled me into a kiss. Oh my, his lips were so soft and the perfect shade of pink. We kissed for what it seemed like forever, then we finally pulled apart.

"What was that for?" I asked gasping for breath,

"I don't know, it just felt right." Carl said taking a breath himself. I chuckled then stood to my feet, I reached my hand out for Carl to grab it when we heard someone yell into our direction.

"Miss us?!" they yelled,

as soon as Carl stood we looked into the direction of the person that yelled.

The Governor.

"Shit!" Carl said,

"Daryl!" I yelled grabbing Carl and holding him for dear life. After I yelled Daryl came flying out, but when he seen the Governor he really flew down to us. After Daryl trailed the rest of them, and a pissed off looking Rick.

"What in the Hell are ye doin 'er?!" Daryl yelled,

"I want back what is mine, and tried to kill me." the Governor stated.

Shit not Michonne!

"What do ye want with her!?" I questioned suddenly feeling confidence inside me, but my tone didn't match. I knew what this man was capable of, and I was deeply scared of him.

"I don't think you wanna know little girl..." He said sending us a evil grin,

"Fuck off! Yer not gettin her!" Daryl yelled sending the Governor the finger.

"hahaha stupid little white trash hillbilly." The Governor Chuckled,

"The fuck is wrong with you people calling us Dixon's 'white trash' or 'hillbillies'!? We're just as good as you assholes!" I yelled feeling rage bubble inside me. Who do they think they are? We're just as good as them fancy smanshy dicks!

"Watch your place bitch!" He yelled, sending Daryl over the edge.

"The fuck ye just call me niece!? Ye want me to send one of my arrows through yer head!?" Daryl screamed getting closer to the Governor, before Rick and Glenn pulled him back.

"Shut the fuck up! You're not getting Michonne!" Rick yelled pointing to Michonne,

"Then we'll take her, forcefully." The Governor stated.

And with that him, Kim, and at least twenty other men rose their guns up.

"Everyone get down!" Rick yelled before....

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