chapter 3- New suprises

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Whey hey! sorry I haven't updated but I had a bunch of homework. but I'm back so let's see what's gonna happen!


Carl just told me he loved me.

could this be real? No he probably just meant it in a friendly way.

I'm watching Carl with Judith and he's a great brother. So far he's cradled her, fed her, and now he's putting her down for a nap. He's so good with her, I never thought I'd say this but Carl would be a great dad.


I just put Judith down for a nap, and boy did she look cute. I started thinking about what I told Katie, did I love her?


I think that's why I bullied her because the first day we met I was about to talk to her, but then she ran off with Maddy. Maddy was her friend, and I think I got jealous because she was always with her. I watched her at school and kinda developed a crush on her, I guess I ruined it when I started bulling her.

"What are you thinking about Carl?" I looked up to see Carol waiting for an answer, "It's nothing" I stated as I tried to leave the tent Carol stopped me. "It's not nothing when your biting your nails with a worried look on your face" she stated, I sighed and looked to the ground, "Okay, I was thinking about Katie. I-I think I like no love her. I've known her since the second grade and I've developed a crush on her, and now I think I love her." Carol didn't say anything she just sighed. "Carl tell her how you feel." she said, I shook my head.

"No. No she can't know"

"Why not Carl she might feel the same way" Carol tried to convince me.

"No we just became friends Carol, and I can't blow i-"

"Wait what do you mean you just became friends?" she interrupted.

"I mean when I was younger I had a crush on her and she would never talk to me and then I got jealous of her friends and started billing her. That's what I mean." I stated harshly.

Carol stayed quiet and then finally spoke, "Well that was a long time ago, you've changed and so has she. Just go and talk to her." I looked down as Carol walked out maybe she was right, maybe I did need to talk to Katie. I stayed silent thinking then I heard a scream, not just any scream it was a scream I knew.


I ran out of the tent and followed every living body to the middle of the sanctuary.

There she was, Katie and a middle aged man. Her arm was cut and blood was running down it, but that wasn't even the worst part.

She had a gun to her head.


I was walking around the camp talking with Michonne catching up with her since we missed about three years of each others lives and much has happened. "I'm gonna get something to drink you want something?" Michonne generally asked, "Yes please." I said. I waited patiently for Michonne to return when I heard a husky male voice behind me. "Miss me darlin?" I turned to see the last person I would ever want to have contact with. My dad.

"What do you want?" I spat, "you." he glared at me. "I want you." he said, "I'm not going anywhere with you. You left me for dead!" I yelled furiously. "Your coming with me one way or another!" he yelled grabbing my wrist pulling me up and away from the chair I was sitting in, "No! Leave me alone!" I yelled pulling my wrist away. He did something not surprising, he cut my arm. "AHHHH!" I screamed in pain, this drew a lot of attention. "Look what you did! now we have to do this the hard way!" he whispered in my ear pulling a gun out and putting it to my temple. Everyone was in the middle of the sanctuary. Everyone.

Including Carl.

"Put the gun down, you don't want to do this Mark." Michonne said trying to calm my dad down. "No, I don't think so Michonne! I'm taking her and your not doing anything!" He started backing up with me, "NO! NO LET ME GO! LET ME GO I HATE YOU! HELP PLEASE! PLEASE HELP ME! MICHONNE HELP!" I screamed bloody murder. Nobody came Michonne was being held back by two big men. Tears were streaming down both our faces.

"CARL!" I screamed, I didn't mean to yell for him, but I'm glad I did. Carl quickly reacted by shooting my dad in the leg, I took this to my advantage and took his gun and escaped. I ran into Carl's arms crying, he hugged me tightly and rubbed my back trying to calm me down. Two men took my dad to get the bullet removed then to take him to be tied up. Michonne ran towards me and Carl let go, letting Michonne hug me tightly. "I'm so glad your safe." Michonne whispered in my ear. "Thanks to Carl." I told her, she let me go and I turned to Carl, he was looking down crying. I then gathered him into a hug. "Thank you Carl, without you I'd be dead." I told him, he was still crying but he was holding on to me tightly not letting me go. "I love you Carl." I said kissing his cheek.

Oh my Lord! Her dad is awful! But without him Carl and Katie wouldn't be closer! Lets hope they get together soon. Bye my sweets. (:

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