Chapter 14- lost

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After this morning when Katie threatened me I decided to make a plan to get Katie killed.

I don't give a flying fuck about her, all I care about is getting Carl and playing him. Yeah that's right I just want to play him, I don't really like him; I just want to get something out of him and dump him.

I already thought of the perfect plan, I'm going to take all the food and throw it out;then I'm gonna tell Rick we need more food so he'll have to go on a run and no doubt Katie and Carl are going but I can separate them.

I snuck into the kitchen to grab the food only to see there wasn't a lot in there, as I stood up I heard Daryls motorcycle and a car engine. I quickly ran out to the field to see Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Beth, Carl, and Katie about to leave when I stop them.

"Rick! wait! Rick!" I yelled waving my hands, the car came to a complete stop then Rick rolled down his window.

"Yeah Kim?" He asked annoyingly,

"can I go?" I asked sweetly.

"I guess." he said shrugging,

I climbed into the back of the car to be seated by Carl. This should be interesting.

The car ride was silent but short, we all climbed out of the car and entered the double doors of Wal-Mart.

"Ok Daryl and I will go to the gun and amo section, Maggie and Glenn you go to the knives section, Beth and Carl go to the food section, and Kim and Katie you go to the blankets and clothes sections." Rick ordered.

We all split up into different directions, Katie and I went passed the dog section and I seen a huge kennel.

hmm, I could put Katie in there.

when we got to the blanket section we started loading our bags up, Katie looked at me and said

"you better not be planning anything."

"Oh don't worry I'm not" I explained,

we packed our bags until they were full then we heard Rick yell.

"Walkers! Everyone get to the car!"

Katie tried to run but I grabbed her shirt and knocked her out with my gun,

I had to hurry I looked for somewhere to put her. Then I remembered the Kennel, I gathered up my bag and drug Katie there stuffing her in. Once she was locked in I turned to run but walkers were blocking my way, I looked around and seen a small hole I could climb through. I quickly crawled through making my way to the car, once I was out there I was tackled with questions.

"what happened to you?"

"Where's Katie?"

"Did you get bit or schratched?"

"Did Katie get bit or scratched?"

"Where is Katie?"

I looked at all of them making a "tear" slip out,

"K-Katie didn't make it" I said sadly.

I looked at everyone's expressions most were sad and hurt, Carl dropped to the ground crying his eyes out.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no! No Katie! Katie no!" he cried out, I looked to Daryl also crying but he got angry and pulled a knife out walking towards me.

"What the fuck did you do to her!?" he screamed pulling the knife to my neck, Rick and Glenn struggled to get him off of me.

"it's not her fault! Daryl!" Rick yelled pulling him from me,

"How do ye know? She's been tryin to get Carl from her! She probably killed her just to get Carl!" he yelled pointing to me.

"Daryl! This is not the time nor the place to do this! just drop it!" Rick yelled again, Carl was still crying on the ground then Rick gets him up and leads him to the car. We all load everything up and I soon see Wal-Mart vanish, hmmm I wonder how Katie's doing.

I hope she's dead.

OMG Kim needs the shit kicked outta her dont she? And how's Carl gonna act while katie's gone? How will Daryl act? What will Katie do to Kim when she gets back? comment what you think!

p.s. thanks for 660+ reads! that is so awesome! Love you guys, be good, and love yourself! xoxo

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