Chapter 21- Just a simple day...NOT

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Katies pov

Yesterday was great, everyone was so nice to give me presents. I honestly I didn't want them to get me anything, but I'm grateful they did. And you remember the sword Michonne gave me? Well she is giving me lessons and she's going to let me have a wack at some walkers in the forest.

"Rick! We're going to go into the forest to kill some walkers for Marie's lessons." Michonne informed Rick,

"Okay just be careful." he said.

Michonne and I shut the gate and were quickly forced to kills some walkers, I might I say I'm kick-ass with this sword!

*Four hours later*

"you did really well Katie!" Michonne praised, wiping her own sword off.

"Thanks, I think I might be better than you." I teased smiling brightly, Michonne raised an eyebrow at me.

"Sure you are." she teased back laughing, we were both laughing histariclly when a twig snapped. Our heads shot to the direction the sound came from, we both took out our swords yet again and traveled closer. We were nearly there then we were jumped, a strong guy was holding me and I flipped out. I was kicking and screaming, but then my mouth was covered.

Not again.....

I waited for something horrible to happen but nothing did, I opened my eyes to see a man standing there with a young girl. I knew the young girl, it was........

I'm so freaking sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been so busy lately, my dumbass teachers decided to fucking assign us projects at the same damn time so that's what I've been forced to do all day long. And it sucks ass! once again I'm sorry for my dumbass teachers and for the story being short! ):

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