Chapter 11- Asthma

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I caught Katie in my arms then quickly gathered up the game, and my crossbow strapping it to my belt and arm. I ran with Katie as fast as I could, finally the prison was in sight.

"Glenn!! Open the damn gate!" I yelled frantically as Glenn ran to the gate opening it,

"Oh my God! What happened?" He asked closing the gate.

"Asthma attack, Where's Maggie?" I explained,

"In the kitchen" Glenn stated running with me to the door.

"MAGGIE!" I screamed looking down at Katie to see she was turning a little blue,

"What's going o-Oh my God, Katie!" she shouted examining her.

"Asthma attack, get her to breathing a little while I grab her inhaler." I instructed,

"ok" Maggie simply said.

I ran down the hall to Katie's and Carl's cell, grabbing her bag looking frantically for her inhaler. Where's the damn thing? I thought to myself, I finally found it under some pads, tampons, and some wait this can't be right...Condoms and Pregnancy tests!? After we save Katie IM GOING TO KILL CARL!

I quickly ran back to Maggie and Katie, although I did have to push through the small crowd of everyone.

"here ya go!" I said handing Maggie the inhaler,

"Great!" Maggie yelled as she inserted the inhaler in Katie mouth then pressed the button thingy.

Ok so I don't know what I'm actually saying but hey my niece was suffocating! Thankfully Katie's face quickly turned to normal and she got a huge breath,

"Are you okay!?" Carl asked concerned rushing to her side hugging her,

"Yeah, I'm okay." she assured Carl hugging him back.

"Ok since your fine, I would like to ask one thing. WHY IN THE HELL DO YA HAVE FUCKIN CODOMS AND PREGNANCY TESTS IN YOUR DAMN BAG!?" I yelled waiting for their answers, they waited to damn long because my face began to heat up. I then walked over to Carl,

"You little shit! What the Hell in wrong with you!? Your only Fourteen!!" I yelled pointing to him, trying to get out of Ricks grip.

"Those are Glenn and Maggie's!" Katie yelled to me looking mad as hell,

"Why do you have em?" I questioned katie narrowing my eyes at her, and getting out of Ricks grip.

"I didn't want Beth finding them so I told Katie to hide them! I didn't want anyone to know our business but I guess the cats out of the bag." Maggie butted in crossing her arms,

"Oh-uh sorry kid" I said scratching the back of my head.

"Its fine I would have reacted the same way." Carl explained smiling slightly,

"But if you ever think about it I'll kill ya! Understand me boy?" I warned.

"Y-Yes sir." Carl studderd returning to Katie, soon everything calmed down and everyone left to get something to eat.

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