44- Amnesia ?

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What the hell is going on?

This Jake guy is my boyfriend?

That's bullshit! Carls my boyfriend!


"What do you mean you're my boyfriend?" I asked confusingly, "Carl's my boyfriend isn't he?"

Everyone stayed silent and looked around, okay what the hell is going on?

"What? Dammit!" I yelled mad now,

"You and Carl broke up, because he cheated" Jake stated glaring at Carl. I turned around to see Carl staring down Jake, "What is he talking about?" I asked feeling quite pissed now. No answer. "What the fuck is he talking about Carl!?" I yelled making him jump.

"Nothing, let's get away from him." Carl stated grabbing my hand, "No Carl what is he talking about?" I asked growing agrier by the second. "Listen Katie I-" he started then I interupted "Oh my god, you did cheat didn't you?" I asked shocked.

"Yes, but-" he started but yet again, I cut him off "No Carl! Leave me alone!" Then I ran back to Daryl, how could he do that? How did I forget he cheated?

I feel so bad for leaving Jake, but I don't want to be with him I want to be with Carl. I love Carl, but he betrayed me.

Carl has been trying to talk to me for a while now and I've just been ignoring him. Jake on the other hand is trying to atart off where we left, but I don't know anything about him. How can we start dating again if I can't remember him?  I wish I never would have gotten hit in the head, then this would've never happened! This sucks ass! I can't remember my own boyfriend, I know it's not my fault but still. I wish I could remember everything, this is just buh.

"Katie!" Yelled a voice turning around I seen Jake standing there. "Hey Jake." I simply inquired, "So can we start where we left off?" He asked scratching the back of his neck. "Honestly Jake, we can't. I don't remember a thing about you! I'm still in love with Carl, no matter how much he hurt me. I-I...I'll always love him." I said staring to the ground about to shed a couple of tears before I wiped them away. It was silent for a few minutes then I turned my head to see Jakes heartbroken face, "Maybe I can change that?" He suggested before he pulled me in for a long kiss. The kiss was sweet and soft, loosing my train of thought I pulled away. Opening my eyes I spoke smiling to Jake, "Maybe you can cure my amnesia?"

                             THE END

Hello! So I know it took me forever to upload this, but in Pre AP English we have to write a freaking novel and I have been doing all this bull crap for that and now I'm worried my story is going to be dumb and no good. But the reason we're doing it is because November is national writing month, which sucks buh! Anyways I've decided if I was going to do a sequel to Bullied by the Sheriff's Son and the answer is YES! I will do a sequel, but I don't quite know yet. I'll keep you guys posted though! Bye, xoxo

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