Chapter 7- Why?

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"Wow, You are like me" I heard a male voice say

I broke the kiss turning to the mystery man, only to discover it was my dad.

But he wasn't alone.....

He had mom with a knife threatening to cut her throat.

"Please don't do this..." I pleaded tears slowly drifting down my face, "I don't think so kiddo, I think I'll just kill her a shoot your lover over there in the face" He gestured between mom and Carl, I looked to a worried Carl stepping in front of him. "Let her go now!" I heard Rick yell from behind, everyone was in the 'square' now. "I don't think so Sheriffe" he taunted, he looked to me then said

"Say goodbye Katie" as he cut my mother's throat. He then pulled out a gun pointing it to Carl and I, I thought he was going to succeed but he didn't. He was shot with an arrow by Daryl, I mouthed a thank you to him Then rushed over to my mom.

She was bleeding out, and fast.

"I'm sorry mom, I'm so sorry! please mom don't leave me please!" I yelled tears pouring front eyes, "baby listen-" she managed to get out. "baby you need to kill me, I don't want to become a walker. Just end me, baby I don't want you to see me as a walker." she croaked.

"mom please don't leave!" I cried out,

"I'll never leave, I'm always going to be right next to you." she whispered.

"now do it" she simply said, I pulled out my hand gun and cocked it ready to end my beautiful mothers life.

"I love you mom" I cried out,

"I love you too" she told me before I pulled the trigger,


I watched my mom's lifeless body relax and her eyes close, I collapsed crying my eyes out. Surprisingly my dad wasn't dead.

Well not yet.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH! LOOK WHAT YOU DID! YOU TOOK HER AWAY FROM ME! THE ONLY PERSON WHO CARED AND LOVED FOR ME IN THE BEGINNING!" I yelled to him walking closer and closer, I put my gun to his head and said "I hope you rot in Hell, you no good bastard!"


another shot was fired, I watched his body fall to the ground. I turned to see everyone staring at me, tears still streamed down my face. Carl came running up to me and embraced me in a caring hug, "Shhh, shhh it's okay. It's going to get better" He whispered as he stoked my hair. I fell to the ground still crying in Carls chest, everyone came around to say they were sorry. I didn't need nobody's pity, I just wanted to be left alone with Carl.

Carl carried me bridal style since I was still crying into his chest back to the tent, he sat down with me sobbing uncontrollably.

Somehow Carl calmed me down and we laid on the ground in silence, me still in his arms.

"Carl?" I croaked out,

"Yeah Katie?" He asked back

"Does it really get better?" I asked crying a little more.

Carl sighed, as he wiped away my tears he said "eventually everything gets better."

I looked up to his sparkling blue eyes and leaned in for a kiss, as what he was doing. Every time I kiss Carl I always get butterflies in my stomach, we stayed like that for a few seconds then pulled away.

"I love you Carl" I say as my eyes start to close,

"I love you too Katie" He says kissing my forehead with an arm wrapped around me. and that's how we fell asleep.

Sorry if it kinda sucked, its 3:43 and I'm really tired so I will update again soon. okay by guys!

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