Chapter 5- Others? part 2

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Tears brimmed in my eyes when I saw her.

My mom wasn't dead she was still alive.

My dad lied.

He lied about everyone.

"Katie, Oh my baby girl come here!" My mom struggled to say with tears falling from her beautiful eyes. I ran to her nearly knocking her down, only to squeeze her in a tight hug. "M-mom, dad s-said you were d-dead." I cried into her shoulder not wanting to let her go again.

"No baby, no I wasn't dead. Your father just told you that because he said I was dead weigh. He nearly killed me, but left to get you and get away from that town." she whispered into my ear, stroking my hair.

"I love you mama." I said hugging her even tighter.

"I love you too baby girl." she said pulling away from the hug, she had a wide smile on her face but I then soon faded.

My mom's eyes widened, "What happened to your arm Katie?" she asked worried.

I looked down to see my cut arm.

crap I forgot about that.

"Oh uh dad cut me earlier." I mumbled,

"Well let's get that cleaned up shall we?" My mom said.

We walked to her tent so we could get my cut cleaned, she got the rubbing alcohol and applied it to my wound cleaning every inch. She then rapped my arm in a bandage so blood wouldn't fall again, we walked out of the tent back to the 'square' everyone was there. But there was some new ones that Rick was talking to, and Carl was hugging some.

"Katie, Lauren this is Maggie, Glen, Bob, and Sasha. They we're apart of the group when the prison blew up." Rick stated, we all shook hands and mingled. I felt an arm rap around my waist and pull me into a hug, I turned my head to see Carl there. He looked so happy, "hey" He simply said smiling. "Hi" response back, smiling myself. Everything was great, we were all having fun talking, joking around. I was getting cold so Carl was nice enough to get us a blanket, and he cuddled with me under the blanket. Its nice to have a cuddle buddy I thought. it was getting late so we all went to bed, I decided to sleep with my mom considering I haven't seen her in a while. It was the best sleep I've had in months.

Finally I had my mom back. I'm not letting her go ever again.

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