Chapter 27- shit...

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Maggie's pov

Katie and I were walking towards the entrance when we seen a little girl about 7 or 8. We quickly walked over to her instantly being concerened,

"Hey sweetie are you okay?" Katie asked bending down to her height. The little girl didn't say anything, she was just looking behind us then her eyes met Katie's. She didn't say anything at first, but then she spoke slowly and blankly almost like she'd been brain washed.

"Terminus, those who arrive survive." Katie and I started getting freaked out,

"Let's get out of here Katie!" I exclaimed tugging on her arm but she wouldn't budge.

"No! Daryl and Michonne are here! I can feel it in my bones." Katie argued, she stood her ground and didn't let me take her home. She turned to face the little girl again, but when she did the little girl was gone. We walked around, guns ready to shoot anything or anyone. We finally came to a lady cooking some ribs, she rose her head to look at us. She smiled brightly,

"My! What a big group you have!" she exclaimed.

Katie and I looked at each other confusingly, then we turned around to see everyone from the prison behind us. Everyone except for Beth, daddy, and Judith.

Katies pov

Maggie and I turned around to see Everyone from the prison, except for Beth, Hershall, and Judith. My eyes instantly locked with Carl's and I went in for a bear hug,

"I'm sorry about back I the prison." I mumbled into his neck.

"Its fine, I understand where you were commuting from babe." He mumbled back, when we turned around the lady handed me a plate of ribs. While she was passing them out I noticed something wrong, there was a bitch in Daryl's poncho. And I also noticed that some bastard had Michonnes katana. I instantly reacted, throwing my plate down and drawing my gun to her head.

"Where in the fuck did ye get the poncho and katana?" I questioned,

"what do you me-" the lady started but I cut her off.

"Don't ye fuckin dare playing dumb bitch! Where'd ye get the poncho and katana!?" I asked again, raising my voice this time.

After I yelled that sent people over the edge, we were all suddenly surrounded by guns. And at this time everyone in the group had there guns out,

"Put your weapons down and surrender!" a male voice yelled. I instantly knew who it was.

The Governor.

"Fuck ye and yer little whore up there!" I yelled flipping him the bird,

"Now Now katie, we wouldn't want Michonne or Daryl to get hurt? Now would we?" He asked with a mischievous smile on hiss ugly ass face.

"The fuck do ye mean!?" I questioned growing even more pissed off,

"Well why don't you see for yourself?" He said smirking and pointing behind him. As soon as he said that Daryl and Michonne were brought in front of him, but just a tad bit away from the edge.

"Let them go, or I blow yer fuckin brains out!" I warned raising my gun,

"if you blow my brains out then they die." he exclaimed smiling like a fuckin idiot.

"Fuck" I murmured,

"put yer guns down." I ordered.  Just as I said it I received confused looks,

"I said put yer guns down! Now!" I yelled growing impatient. As I gave them all death glares they put their guns down. I looked back up to see the Governor smirking evily, fuckin bastard.

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