Chapter 29- A killing

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Katie's POV

"I don't care! I want Michonne!" The Governor yelled. Rick shook his head no, and the Governor looked pissed.

"Fine!" He said pulling out a sword,

"Give me Michonne!" The Governor yelled putting the blade to Hershalls neck. Rick still said no, and that was the last time The Governor asked before he pulled back the blade and Hershall's head fell to the ground.

"NO!!!!!" Rick yelled as he pulled out his revolver and started shooting, everyone followed his actions with anger filling inside of us. Nobody fucks with us and gets away with it! I ran towards The Governor kantana raised, ready to do to him what he did to Hershall. As I got closer I got shot at, who the fuck?

I know it wasn't the Governor because his back was facing me, and they missed. I looked up to see Kim smirking at me with my old gun! WTF bitch!

"I can't wait to kill you! You fucking white trash cunt!" She exclaimed jumping from the tank,

"Lets see what you got! Because right now I will fuckin stab a bitch!" I shot back raising towards her.

I honestly thought I'd kill her ugly ass instantly, but she moved. I quickly turned to see her standing with a kantana of her own,


I'm getting tired of dealing with her so I just took out my gun and shot her ass.

I walked over to her and gave her a disgusted look,

"Ye don't fuck with a Dixon, BITCH" I exclaimed then stabbing her head. I looked around to find The Govetnor, my eyes finally resting on him I seen him and Rick fighting. I started running towards him, but got distracted when I heard Judith's little cry. I turned to see Carl holding Judith while shooting walkers, fuck there were too many for him to fight off. I dashed over to him killing walkers,

"Carl I got this! Get you and Judith to safety!" I yelled still fighting off walkers.

"No! I'm not leaving you!" he yelled shooting more walkers before he ran out of amo.

"Now you are!" I stated, pushing him so he'd get away from here.

I kept killing walkers until they were away from me, I soon looked for Daryl and the group finding them being tied up. Daryl of course wasn't having it, so as I started running towards them guess what.

I got shot!

In the head!

I felt blood rush down my head, and I heard screams and crying.

Oh god, I'm going to die!

Carl's POV

We were all being rounded up and tied up, then Daryl started throwing a fit and tried to get away from them. Then I seen Katie running towards us, thank god my Katie is safe!

"Fine if you won't settle down, then I guess I'll have to do this." The Governor said raising his gun, we all thought he was going to shoot Daryl to get him to settle down. But we were wrong, oh so wrong. He shot Katie in the head, I watched as the love of my life fell to the ground.

"NO! KATIE!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, I didn't know what to do except cry. So that's what I did,

"IM GOING TO KILL YE! YE SOM' BITCH!" Daryl yelled as he was being tied up. That's when he really lost it, he started crying so hard. He was yelling at The Governor so much his face turned red, mine was red to but because I was crying my eyes out. Not because of yelling and crying, just as we were being taken away one of The Governor's men threw a grenade like 15 feet away from Katie's body.

She's gone.

I will never see her again.

This is as bad as when I lost my mom, I'll never love again, I'll never be myself again, and I'll never talk again.

I love you Katie Dunnchestar, and I always will.

Hey guys! I'm so sorry I haven't updated in like a week, it's just been so messed up tho. First My WiFi goes out, then a side of my family cause crap, and then they ask me to go somewhere with them? And my sister's sister caused shit on instagram, so yeah great week right? And anyways sorry about Hershall! I feel bad about killing him off! :'( And what about Katie? What's going to happen with Carl and Daryl? What's gonna happen with the rest of the group?
Comment what you think! Bye guys love you! and again I'm so sorry about a very late update!

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