chapter 17- promise?

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I woke up to see Carl wasn't with me, Rick probably made him get out yesterday. I slowly sat up wincing a few times, I tried to stand up But my side hurt worse. But I'm hungry I thought, I tried once more and I stood up through the pain. I made my way through the hallway and I just stepped foot in the kitchen to have everyone stare at me, I looked around and didn't see Carl or Rick. hmm must be farming, I slowly made my way over to Carol to get some porridge.

"Thank you" I said taking the bowl and sitting down next to Daryl,

"You alright kid?" He asked putting his arm around me to hug me.

"yeah, my side hurts a little though. But nothing bad," I assured him,

"that's great!" he said. we sat in silence for the rest of the meal, once we were done I got up and went to the pig kennel. Sure enough Carl and Rick were there, laughing and talking. I turned to go help Carol with the gardening, but then I seen six or seven men going up to Rick with Glenn. I looked at who would seem to be the leader, he had white hair, same length as Rick, a vest like Daryls, And a evil smile. I tore my eyes from him and looked to another man looking at me up and down then stopping at my boobs. Oh great a pervert. I guess Carl seen because he ran to my side holding me close, that's when he smiled at both of us.

"Don't go near him, he looks like trouble" Carl warned hugging me, we watched as Rick accepted them into the group. I was a little frightened but I knew Carl and Daryl wouldn't let anything happen to me,

"Promise me you won't leave my side?" I said but it sounded more like a question.

"I promise" He assured me, I pulled him into a hug again puzzling my head into his chest.

three hours later...

Ever since this morning Carl hasn't left my side and Daryl has been watching the new group like a hawk, it was time for lunch and Rick formally introduced us all.

"Everyone this is Jo and his group, they'll be joining us." he said as they took a seat, thankfully the seats we're far away from Carl and I. Carl and I quickly finished our lunch and ran to the watch tower, when we got up there we locked the door behind us.

"I have a bad vibe about them Carl, and a really bad vibe." I said hugging him,

"I know me too." he stated rubbing my back.

"I'm not sleeping in my cell with it just being Beth and I." I said shaking,

"Then we'll sleep in here, they won't know that you bunk with Beth so they can't get her." he stated looking at me in the eyes.

"okay" I simply said, we walked back to our cells to get blankets careful for the new group not to see us. When we got everything situated then it was time for dinner, we walked hand and hand to the kitchen getting our bowls. We quickly sat beside Rick and Daryl, I explained I was going to sleep in the watch tower and Daryl nodded. Carl and I finished dinner fast then headed up to the watch tower locking the door behind us. we quickly fell asleep in each others arms.

Next day....

when I woke up I didn't see Carl with me, so I panicked. I practically flew down the stairs to the kitchen but stopped when I seen him with Rick gardening, I smiled at that. I was about to make my way over to them but was grabbed by a pair of hands, I yelped but then my mouth was covered. God I should've stayed in the tower! I was taken to the side of the prison, I was then turned to meet the eyes of the person who took me. It was the pervert from Jo's group,

"Aren't ye a pretty little thing?" He whispered pushing me to the ground then straddling me. He ran his index finger down my chest stopping at the hem of my shirt, then he......

Hey guys! I know you must hate me for leaving you hanging, but my mom said I should have some drama then to leave my readers hanging for the next chapter. She said it'd make it better, but idk why. Anyways thanks for 930+ reads! that's so awesome! and hey don't forget to follow me on Twitter and instagram! twitter~> Chelbicummings Instagram~> hey_its_chelbi

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