Chapter 6- Jealous much?

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I woke up early this morning due to Judith crying.

"Dad Judith is crying!" I yelled to him,

"dad!" I yelled again. No answer, I looked around to see he wasn't here.

I quickly got up to change Judith and feed her, I walked out of the tent to go find my dad.

There he was, standing there with Katie's mom laughing and flirting with her.

This cannot happen, Katie and I are dating. if they get together then Katie and I have to break up, why? Well because she'd be my step sister, and I can't date my step sister.

I was about to stroll up to my dad when I was stopped by a blonde girl, "Hey babe, your good with the baby. What's your name hot stuff?" she asked putting her hand on my shoulder. "Carl, and don't call me babe I have a girlfriend." I said aggravated, "oh come on Carl, have some fun she doesn't have to know." she whispered in my ear,

"I said no, now leave me alone!" I yelled in her face. Then she pushed me, I nearly dropped Judith but I regained my balance and kept a tight grip on my sister.

"Hey! you almost made me drop her!" I screamed now furious,

"so? Let her fall! I don't care!" she yelled back pushing me once more.

Again I almost dropped Judith, but the girl caught me and pulled me close to her. I couldn't do anything, I had Judith in my hands.

"Stop I have a girlfriend!" I yelled once more, but she didn't stop.

She kissed me.

Then I heard it.

It was Katie, she was yelling at the girl. We were suddenly ripped apart by Katie.


I just woke up so I decided to go wake Carl. I walked to his tent only to see he wasn't there and neither was Judith, I shrugged then when to the 'square'.

I was just at the edge when I seen Carl and a blonde girl talking, she put her hand on his shoulder and my blood boiled with anger and jealousy. I could hear him yelling he had a girlfriend and to leave him alone, but she didn't listen. She pushed Carl almost making him drop Judith, that was it I started walking over to them. She did something that pissed me off so badly.

She Kissed him.

I started running towards them and I kinda cursed.

"HEY BITCH!" I yelled furiously at her, I yanked her off Carl and punched her in the nose.

"You bitch!" she yelled at me touching her bloody nose.

I punched her again but in the eye, I kept punching her. I hit her in the stomach making her fall to the ground in pain, I climbed on top of her and started hitting her face over and over again.

"DONT YOU EVER TOUCH HIM AGAIN YOU SLUT!" I yelled between punches, I was then yanked off of her by Daryl.

"Katie what the Hell are you doin?" He questioned, "She kissed Carl and nearly made him drop Judith!" I yelled.

He looked to the girl and then back to me, "are ya sure this wasn't just about her kissing Carl?" He asked. I thought for a minute, maybe Daryl was right. Maybe I did get jealous, Daryl soon walked away leaving me standing there. I looked to Carl who no longer had Judith staring at me, I walked up to him planting a long kiss on his lips. My bones tingled and we soon pulled apart, he looked into my eyes smiling. "What was that for?" He asked still smiling, "to let all these other hoe's know that your mine." I said as I put my arms around his neck. "Jealous much?" He teased, "Yes, I am jealous." I replied. He started laughing and so did I, I watched as two men took the blonde girl to medical care. I turned back to Carl and Kissed him again, he rapped his arms around my waist and Kissed me back.

"Wow, You are like me." I heard a male voice say.

I broke the kiss turning to the mystery man, only to discover it was my dad. But he wasn't alone.......

Woah Katie has some tricks up her sleeves, and who is her dad with? you just have to find out for yourself! (I might update later tonight. Just wanted to let you know.) Okay bye my sweets! (:

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