Abusive | C.Gby VENUS
a·bu·sive əˈbyo͞osiv,əˈbyo͞oziv/ adjective engaging in or characterized by habitual violence and cruelty. ©chairhandlerr 2016
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~Together~ (Carl Grimes x Reader) *UNDER EDIT* by Jazz-demo
~Together~ (Carl Grimes x Reader) Jazz-demo
What would you do if everything you had was taken away from you, your family, your happiness, and most importantly your hope for humanity...but when someone close to you...
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kind of a badass//Carl Gallagher by HeyThrrDelilah
kind of a badass//Carl Gallagherby 💞Delilah💞
"Fuck you mom. I'm going to live with Uncle Kevin." Delilah Barker was known for being the shy girl... but deep down... no one knew the truth. that was until...
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Stay Close To Me {Carl Grimes} +REWRITING 2017+ by KeepingYouClose
Stay Close To Me {Carl Grimes} mikayla
Just like everyone else, Marigold Palmer was forced into the world of the zombie apocalypse without choice. But she'll soon learn that the apocalypse is no place for a k...
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Daryl's Daughter by awesomesaurus
Daryl's Daughterby Jenny Sadler
It used to be just Merle and Daryl until 6 years ago. After a drunk one night stand leads to Daryl having a pregnant women on his hands and eventually a baby girl named...
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◄ you and me ◄ carl grimes by babefaithshotup
◄ you and me ◄ carl grimesby spøøkytex
the world is dying, maybe we should just let it completed august twentieth, 2O13.
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Alone | C.GRIMES by MayGarner
Alone | C.GRIMESby m a y y ✨
"I don't want to be a l o n e anymore." In the end, perhaps, the two souls will no longer be alone. C.GRIMES [s.4-s.6] ~ ( I have no ownership over an...
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Damaged Hearts (Daryl Dixon fanfic) by xcliiftys_Boylie
Damaged Hearts (Daryl Dixon fanfic)by Boylie
Lauren Walsh is Shane's little sister. Lauren loves as a brother but hates how he acts. She sees Rick Grimes as more of a brother than Shane. Lauren was trained in the a...
  • daryl
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Holding On » Carl Grimes [1] by calisunbee
Holding On » Carl Grimes [1]by ˗ˏˋ B ˎˊ˗
To hold on or to let go? When the world ended, all Sage Dixon had to rely on was herself. Sure, she had her father and her uncle by her sides, but in a world like this...
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All That Remains | the walking dead [2] by xSilverSpringsx
All That Remains | the walking lana 🌙
*sequel to still breathing* in which the dream team searches for all that's left of their family and a place to call home after the governor's attack on the prison [book...
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Carl Grimes Imagines by urnotcarlgrimes
Carl Grimes Imaginesby Carl Grimes Imagines
Carl Grimes Imagines from The Walking Dead. Requests are open!
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baby || ethan cutkosky by mm-starlight
baby || ethan cutkoskyby mads
social media story; ec x oc (don't own any of the pictures included)
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Carl Grimes Imagines. by bethaneygrimesyo
Carl Grimes Fletcher
Carl Grimes is life. Chandler Riggs, also included. A book of imagines that no one will probably read because I suck at writing. Well enjoy. :)
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Cute Carl Gallagher Imagines by _lightofdawn_
Cute Carl Gallagher Imaginesby _lightofdawn_
A collection of imagines of the one and only Carl Gallagher.
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carl gallagher imagines by shamelesswow
carl gallagher imaginesby jules
imagines about carl gallagher
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Negan's Daughter  by Lillythbeth
Negan's Daughter by Lillythbeth
They found me stumbling through the woods lost and confused. I didn't know where I was or how I got there. All I knew was I was free. I didn't have to answer to my fathe...
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savages ➳ lip gallagher by gothamfairy
savages ➳ lip gallagherby fairy babe
'he was the boy i loved. a little bit messy, a little bit ruined. a beautiful disaster, just like me.' [Shameless] [Lip Gallagher] [book one] ©-gothamfairy
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A Matter Of Time by tall_girl
A Matter Of Timeby Melissa
Carl Sinclair is living the American dream: he has a run-down apartment on the wrong side of the city, his pay as a radio host is criminal to say the least, and he’s hom...
  • trilogy
  • homosexual
  • final
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back and better ♡ carl gallagher [2] by shamelesswow
back and better ♡ carl gallagher [ jules
part two to dynamic duo based on shameless season 6 -- "i can't believe you're back." you say "back and better." he says with a smirk -- everyth...
  • ian
  • drugs
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Shameless Imagines/Gif Series by idcaesthetic
Shameless Imagines/Gif Seriesby 🌻™
I imagine scenarios including the shameless cast and characters
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