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Hey guys so I realised I haven't updated yet and I'm so sorry, I have a lot on my hands right now because I have school, then I go to football practice that doesn't end until 5:00, then I take a shower, and when I get out it's time for dinner, then I have to read since my reading teacher said we had to read 40 books this year, and by the time I'm done reading I have to do the dishes and then I have to go to sleep. So what I think I'm going to do is update on fridays since I get out of practice at 4:30 so that gives me a little more time to update, this sucks. I knew I wouldn't have a lot of time to update, but I thought I'd be able to do small chapters but no I can't even do that. So I just wanted to let you guys know and just wanted to say thanks for reading what I have, it means a lot I love you guys. <3 xoxo

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