Chapter 34- together again

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Carl's POV

I can't believe Katie's back! This is great! I thought she was dead, but now I know she's not! I'm so glad! Words can't explain my happiness!

Katie lowered her gun when she saw me, at first she had a confused look on her face.Probably because the knife...But then a smile formed on her face and tears brimmed in her eyes,

"C-carl?" Katie asked. Her voice was a little horse,but that didn't matter. She put her gun in the gun bag, and then ran towards me. Her arms were ready to embrace me in a hug, when she got to me we exchanged big bear hugs.

"I thought you were gone." I stated in disbelief,

"so did I" she said, I could tell she let a tear slip out because I felt my shoulder get a little wet. We stayed like that for a few minutes, God I could hold her in my arms forever. When we finally pulled apart she immediately pulled me into a kiss, still perfect. I know this is gonna sound cheesy, but I missed her kisses. When we pulled apart we rested our foreheads together,

"I missed you." I breathed out smiling real big.

"I missed you too, babe." she said kissing my nose, she pulled back from me and looked around.

"Where is everyone?" Katie asked smiling a little,

"well uh, Judith is downstairs and um the others well-" I trailed off looking at the ceiling. I looked back at her to see that I had her undivided attention,

"Carl, What are you not telling me?" She interrogated.

"weeelllll" I stalled, she pulled completely out of my grasp raising an eyebrow.

"Stop fucking stalling." Katie ordered coldly,

"Well the governor has them at Teminus..." I said looking down. There was a moment of silence and the she spoke,

"well then rest up, because we've got a rescue mission tomorrow." I rose my head to see her smirking a little, then she embraced me in a tight hug. Then we walked downstair hand and hand, we then got settled down and just enjoyed this moment.

I'm so fucking sorry! My sister thought it'd be funny to fuck with my story so I got to like chapter 40 and realised none of the chapters got updated or saved, and I was about to start chapter 41...but now idk what I wote so I have to start those over. -.-

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