chapter 4- Others? part 1

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"I love you Carl" Katie said kissing my cheek.

Wait she loves me?

"I love you too Katie." I whispered in her ear, We stood there for a while still hugging. Man I could stay like this forever, "Rick?....Carl?" I let go of Katie and turned to see Daryl and Beth. "Daryl...Beth" my dad said walking towards them hugging Daryl then Beth. I let go of Katie and ran to both of them and hugged them both, I was happier to see Daryl but I was still happy to see Beth. "D-Daryl?" Katie said with tears forming in her eyes, "Oh my god....Katie!?" Daryl said rushing towards Katie.


I looked behind Carl to see Katie. Oh my god I haven't seen her in forever!

"Oh my god....Katie!?" I said rushing towards her embracing her in a hug.

"I missed you so much Daryl! I thought you were dead." Katie said crying into my chest, "Why would you think that? you know us Dixon's are hard to get rid of." I told her stroking her hair comforting her. "my dad said you were dead and he made us leave. Then um....then he said m-mom died" she cried more into my chest.

"That son of a-" I started but was interrupted.

"Language Daryl! Language!" a female voice yelled to me.

I turned to see Carol standing there looking great as ever. Her perfect lips formed a smile, she waved to me swiftly and gracefully.

What? Okay yeah I have a thing for Carol so?

Katie leaned to my ear to tell me something that I always wanted to do. "go...Kiss her Daryl." I did as I was told and strolled up to her to grab her arms and pull her into a kiss.

Man Katie New what she was talking about because Carol kissed me right back.


I watched as Daryl kissed Carol nearly having a make out session.

"Katie how do you know Daryl?" I asked looking to her.

"I'm her uncle, so if you hurt her again...I'd hate to be you kid." Daryl said holding onto Carol and glaring at me.

I gulped.

Katie walked up to me then pulled me to our tent.

"Thanks Carl." she said again, "It was nothing I always protect the people I love" love. Yes I love Katie and I regret ever bullying her.

"you really do love me?" she asked,

"Yes, I do Katie. And I regret ever bullying you, I'm so sorry for what I put you through. I'm sorry for all the pain I caused you, I regret everything mean I ever did to you. Kaitlynn Dunnchestar I love you, and I never ever want to hurt you again. I never want to see you get hurt, I would do anything for you. I would die for you Katie. And there's been something I've wanted to ask you since we met, Katie....will you be my girlfriend?" I explained.

Katie didn't say a word. she just stood there, then she smiled widely.

"Yes Carl, I will be your girlfriend." she ran to me and planted her perfect pink lips on mine. I singled all over just from her touch.

we pulled away looking onto each others eyes.

"Katie, someone is here to see you" Daryl said barging in, Katie let go of me and was out the tent. I followed only to be stopped by Daryl, "What we're y'all doin in here?" Daryl asked suspiciously. "Um uh nothing."

Daryl looked to me suspiciously and walked away.
Whew. that was close.


I walked out of the tent to see something I thought I'd never see.

My mom.

I hope you liked the first part of the chapter! Keep reading to see what happens next! bye my sweets! (:

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