Chapter 36- Reunion

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Carls pov

"Katies alive"

I looked around to see everyone looked shocked,

"No, she was shot in the head. We all seen it." Daryl said in disbelief.

"No, it only grazed her head! She's alive! I seen her with my own eyes Daryl!" I assured him, everyone looked at us for a few minuets then turned away. Daryl was shocked, but happy at the same time to know Katie was alive. But I could see a little doubt in his eyes, I hope Katie comes.


It was time for Michonne's "death." God I hope Katie gets here before he kills Michonne.

We were all gathered outside, and set in a line to watch Michonne. We all sat there in silence when the Governor brought Michonne out.

"Now as you all know this woman has tried to kill me not once, but twice! She has also killed my daughter! I will not stand for her to get away with this!" The Governor said pointing down to Michonne. "On this day, she will die. And nobody can save her!" He said picking up her katana, he then bent down and whispered something in her ear. As he rose up we heard yelling, and then a man came out.

"Everyone take cover!" he shouted running from the building, then BOOM! We all fell to the ground covering our faces from all the bricks flying around. Smoke covered the area as we looked up, the Governor and his men were frantically trying to find out who blew the building up. As they were searching for them, the Governors men were all shot down. And only stood one bad guy,

"Hey asshole!" we heard. We all looked behind ourselve and seen the one and only, Katie Dunnchestar!

"You're dead." She said once more, before cocking her pistol and sliding down the fire escape. Once she reached the bottom The Governor looked a little frightened.

"B-but but you're supposed to be dead." He studdered,

"A-and and so are you." Katie mimicked. "So how is this gonna work? Are you gonna go quietly...Or am I gonna have to make you?" She questioned,

"Fuck you" The Governor spat with his lip curled.

"Nah I'm good, besides I'd rather wait to do that with someone good-looking." Katie taunted smirking. It grew silent for a moment with only katie and The Governor staring at eachother with disgust,

"I'm done waiting, time to die you som' bitch." Katie snarled raising her gun. Just before The Governor could do anything there was a loud Bang!

We all looked to Katie to see her still standing, rage filling her eyes. Then we turned to the governor, there his lifeless bodie lie. Katie put her gun back in her holster and brought out her knife, once we were all cut out of the ropes we grouped hugged.

Daryl of course held on longer and surprisingly cried,

"Thank god you're okay! I thought I lost you" He stated crying.

"It takes more than a bullet to take down a Dixon." She stated smirking.

Hey guys! sorry about the short chapter, but I'm at the hospital right now. Why? Well my 3 year old brother broke his arm, and apparently he had a reaction to the cast so now we're at Cooks Children Hospital. So now he's getting something different put on his arm and idk what it is, so yeah. And also thanks so much for 10.6K+!!! Thats sweet! Love ya'll! Bye xoxo

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