Chapter 19- The present

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Five weeks later*****

Ever since the incident with Katy Kat I've been following her around like a little puppy dog. I haven't let her out of my sight, well until she has to see. Lol sorry I'm a boy I'm weird like that, anyways we have always been together no matter what. Daryl and dad understand, they don't want that to happen again. But it won't, I will keep Katie safe. And guess what, Katie's birthday is in three days! I have absolutely no idea what to get her, but thankfully we're going on a run in a tomorrow so I'll find something then. :)

I want it to be special, like a charm bracelet, or a necklace, or a promise ring. Yeah, I'll get her a promise ring. This is perfect.

We were currently in walmart and Glenn and I were partners,

"So are you going to get Katie a present?" He asked smiling and nudging my ribs.

"Yeah, I want to get her a promise ring. Hey can you help me find one?" I asked looking to him with hope,

"Yeah sure, lets go." He implied leading me to the jewlery isle. There were a lot of rings, they were all pretty I guess. But there was one with a infinity sign and a heart inside, it also had pink dimonds around it.

"How about this one Glenn?" I asked pointing to it,

"That looks great! You should get that!" Glenn informed me.

"Ok, lets get it and go!" I exclaimed opening the counter and grabbing the ring, we then headed to the baby isle and got Judith some clothes and baby food. Soon we were back in the car on our way to the prison, Katie and I sat side by side holding hands. Oh but dont worry the ring was in my pocket, so she didn't see it.

We finally got to the prison and I jumped out of the car dashing for my cell. I can't wait for Katie to see her present!

Hey guyss! Happy Easter! Im sorry I couldn't update the other day, but I threw up again! And sorry I didnt update earlier, I didn't have wifi!   And thank you for so many reads!! Bye I love you guys! xoxo ✌

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