Chapter 9- New home, old ways

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So I'm going to switch it up a little and give Rick, Daryl, and Beth a pov. And thank you guys for 50+ reads! That's so awesome! Okay here we go. (:


I woke everyone up bright and early to start on clearing out the prison, we killed about 20+ walkers. We (Daryl, Glenn, Tyreese, Carl, Katie, and I) started to clear out cell block B? Yeah Cell block B, we finally got all the walkers out and headed for the kitchen. when we got there I told Glenn and Daryl to open the doors so we could shoot possible walkers inside the kitchen. Glenn, Daryl, and I nodded and the doors swung open letting out a few walker but nothing too bad. We quickly took out the walkers and looked around for food, and surprisingly there was food but only a little.


We went back to the field to get everyone inside and situated. "Okay so this time everyone can have a cell, So everybody go pick one." Rick announced, I grabbed Carols hand and led her to our new cell. "woah Daryl what's the rush?" Carol asked smiling to me putting her arms around my neck, "This.." I said kissing he passionately. Things were getting a little intense then we were interrupted by none other than Katie, "Hey Daryl can we go hunting late- Oh God I'm so sorry I'm leaving now!" she apologized putting her hand over her eyes. "No it's fine sweetheart, I was going to go make lunch anyways." Carol explained looking from Katie to me, then kissing my cheek and walking out of our cell. "I am SO sorry Daryl, I didn't know you guys were-" she tried to explain but I cut her off, "No it's fine, you didn't know. And yeah we can go hunting later" I said patting her shoulder walking out.


Eww I just seen Carol and Daryl making out. Gross, but he said we could go hunting later! so yay! I walked around looking for Beth, then I finally found her. "Hey Beth!" I yelled getting her attention as I ran up to her, "Hey Katie what's up?" she asked smiling really big. "nothing really, hey do you want to hunting with Daryl and I?" I asked politely, "No thanks, hey have you got your cell yet?" she asked hopeful. "No, Rick won't let Carl and I bunk together because he doesn't trust us." I explained sadly, "well then let's go pick out our cell!" Beth exclaimed dragging me down the hall.


I pulled Katie down the hall to our cell,

"here it is!" I smiled brightly holding out my arms.

"Which bed is yours?" Katie asked looking to the bunk beds,

"I got the bottom." I stated pointing to it.

"okay then I got the top!" she yelled happily, I laughed at her then pulled out some decorations I took from the camp.

"Time to decorate!" I said smiling brightly,

"where did you get these?" she questioned happily.

"from the camp, no one is going to miss them anyways" I explained as I hung up a pink curtain in the door way to give us more privacy.

We had just finished when Daryl came to get Katie for hunting,

"let's go Katie, I wanna be back before supper" Daryl said looking through the curtain.

"Oh and by the way, nice touch up to the room. But I like that side better" Daryl informed us pointing to katies half, which consisted of plain Camo curtains and black paint that we randomly found. On the other hand, my half consisted nothing but pink camo curtains and pink paint.

"Thanks" Katie and I said in unison, we both looked to each other and giggled madly. Daryl shook his head smirking at us, then Katie grabbed both her guns and her crossbow she got from the camp. "Bye Beth!" she called as she walked out of the cell waving to me, "bye Katie!" I called back waving to her then plopping on my bed taking a short nap.

Hey guys! Next chapter is just going to be about Daryl and Katie hunting and getting to know each other better.

P.s. I'm doing another story called "Daddy Dixon (Daryl Dixon/Carl Grimes)" Hope you guys check out the first chapter! Okay bye guys! Love ya! do so (:

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