Chapter 20- Birthday party

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Today is Katie's birthday and we have planned a little party for her, since she said not to make a big deal out of it. Beth, and Maggie are occupying Katie so she doesn't suspect anything.

Carol was currently cooking some lunch for the party, Daryl and dad was putting up streamers that they got from Wal-Mart on the last run. Glenn was on watch making sure Katie doesn't come in and see everything, and me well I was putting my present in a small white box. So far everything was perfect, when I was putting the finishing touches on it Daryl came in to let me know everything was ready. After he said that I jumped off the bed and texted Maggie with our solar powered phones, I soon got a text back from her.


Hey we are done with everything, you can come back.

from: Maggie

Ok, we're on our way.

As soon as she sent that I raced to the kitchen to tell everyone, a few moments later the door creeked open and Maggie stepped in with Katie and Beth. They blind folded Katie so she couldn't see anything,

"where are we going?" Katie questioned giggling. Then Maggie lifted her blind fold and said "here!" when Katie's eyes opened they got wide,

"what's all this?" she asked smiling.

"Well today is your birthday, so we are celebrating!" Maggie excitedly exclaimed, clapping her hands together.

"you didn't have to." Katie said looking around,

"kid I missed out on your parties since you were six, I ain't missing no more." Daryl informed Katie walking over to her to give Katie a hug. Katie laughed at his remark and hugged everyone, but I got a kiss with my hug. Yay. We were having a great time, we were all talking and dancing. With the help of a small stereo that Daryl rigged up to be used without electricity,

"Ok, present time!" my Dad announced. Everyone went over to the table with the presents on them to watch Katie open them,

"why'd you get me presents? A simple happy birthday would've been all I needed." Katie implied.

"stop bickering and open them!" Daryl scolded,

"okay, okay!" Katie said beginning to open Daryl present. When she saw it she started to smile real big, Daryl had gotten her a necklace that had the word "Dixon" on it.

"It was yer grandma's, she gave it to me to give to ye." Daryl informed Katie, Katie just nodded and smiled. Next was Glenn and Maggie's present, they got her some t-shirts and shorts. Maggie also got her a side gift, but no one knows what it was. My Dad was next, he gave Katie her solar powered phone since she didn't know about ours. Of course after she found out about ours she got a little upset, but she instantly forgave us because she got hers. We got through all the presents except mine and Michonne's, we all waited patiently for Michonne to return from her cell. When she returned she was holding a sword like hers,

"No way! It's just like yours!" Katie exclaimed taking the sword out of the sheath. She tried it out a little but she was careful not to hurt anyone, when she was finally done messing with her sword I gave my gift to her. I watched her peel off the ribbon and take the lid off, I watched as her smile grow from ear to ear. Her eyes suddenly got a spark, she knew what the ring was.

"Thank you Carl, thank you everyone. I'm so glad I met you all, I wouldn't have asked for anyone else to be with in this piece of shit for a world with." She said smiling a little, everyone got up and grouped hugged after she said that. It lasted so long, it felt like forever. We've never had a group hug, until now. After the hug ended we all started dancing and socializing again, but soon the party had to end. Everyone was asleep except Katie and I,

"Thank you for the ring Carl, I love it. And I love you." Katie said kissing my cheek.

"Your welcome, I'm glad you like it. And I love you too." I said returning the kiss, after the kiss we parted ways to our cells.

"goodnight Carl, love you." she said blowing me a kiss,

"Goodnight, I love you too." I implied grabbing the air kiss and putting it to my heart.

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