Chapter 33- you again

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Katie's POV

I woke up to moans and groans all around me, wait wtf!? I waited for my eyes to peel open, but they never did. Fuck...I am dead, aren't I?

Wait if I'm dead then why am I breathing?  Finally my eyes started to peel open, my vision was blurry at first; but then it straightened out. I grabbed the side of my head in pain, only to find out that there was dried blood. I must've been grazed, not actually shot. This is great! Well not my head bleeding, but you know what I mean.

I slowly rose from where I was laying, which was in my cell? How could I get to my fucking cell and lock the door, but I couldn't kill The Governor? Oh God! The group! I ran around the cell looking for the keys, when I noticed they were sitting on Beth's bunk. I quickly gathered some things and then unlocked the door, I snuck out quietly incase there were walkers in the prison. I went straight to Rick's cell knowing that the guns were in there, I quickly threw the bed off and grabbed the bag and ran out. As soon as I was out walkers started coming towards me, I dashed to the side of the prison to grab Daryl's motorcycle. I let the kick stand up and slammed on the gas, then I was off. When I was a good ways away from the prison I stopped the bike and turned to look at it, I'm gonna miss this place. I remember when it took forever for Carl to ask me to be his girlfriend, Carl... I hope he's okay. I pushed him to the back of my mind, knowing I'd start crying about him and rode off. It's been a while since I've eaten, so I think I need to stop somewhere.

I found a nice little house in a huge neighborhood, probably has walkers crawling all over the place. But idgaf all I need is food, and I need it now. I slowly got off my bike and grabbed the guns, then banged on the front door awaiting for a walker to come but it never did. So that's when I entered the front door, I ran to the kitchen to find only a can of green beans. Oh well, it's better than nothin! I guess I should stay here the night? It's getting pretty late anyways. I made sure the door was secure and the rest of the house, then I headed to bed.


I woke up at maybe 12:00 pm? Yeah, I think so. There was nothing here to eat, so I went to the house next to it. But only to find at least 15 walkers, that's when I decided to just leave the neighborhood.

I drove the bike for hours! That is until I seen a little farm house, hopefully there's food in here. I parked my bike and got off with the guns on my back, I ran up to the door hoping nothing would be in here. I grabbed the door knob and tried to open the door, but nothing!

"Fuck" I murmured, taking a step back and looking around. Aha! A window! And it's open! I went to the side of the house to see a big tree that had a branch near the window, I swiftly pulled myself and the guns up on the tree. I scooted closer and closer to the window and jumped inside, I pulled out a gun for any surprises. Just as I was looking around the room I heard a noise, shit. I froze right in my tracks and held my gun up, just as the door open I was about to shoot. But there stood Carl, with a butcher knife?

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