Chapter 35- Us

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Katies pov

I woke up to a pounding on the front door, which scared the living shit out of me! I scrambled out of Carls grasp making him jump up,

"Whats wrong?" Carl asked with worried eyes.

"Someone or something is at the door!" I shakily said pointing towards the door, Carl quickly grabbed Judith and scrambled back to me.

"Hold her, I'll see who or what it is." Carl stated handing Judith to me, he slowly and quietly reached for the bag of guns. As he grabbed a pistol he went towards the door, he leaned into the door looking through the peep hole.

"Shit." he murmered turning around,

"what? what's wrong?" I asked getting up.Carl didn't answer, he just grabbed the gun bag and my arm and ran upstairs. As we got to the top of the stairs he closed all the doors, except the one that I came into last night.

"Carl what the fuck is wrong!?" I exclaimed waking Judith up,

"Shh! The governors men are out there!" he said looking around.

oh shit....

What are we going to do? Are they gonna catch us? A million things were running through my head right now,

"Carl, what are we gonna do?" asked getting nervous. Carl looked around and then looked out the window,

"we're gonna climb out the window, but we gotta hurry." He stated picking up the gun bag again and making me climb out first. As soon as we were both on the ground we started running, we ran as fast as our legs could carry us. We ran into the woods and finally stopped,

"Okay I think we're good." Carl said giving me the gun bag and taking Judith. We started walking around and then we heard yelling,

"They're over here!" As soon as they said that we started running again. We ran and ran and ran, I was running until I looked behind me to see no Carl or Judith. I started running back, but it was no use. They were already gone,

Fuck it. When I get to "Terminus" The Governor is dead.

Ricks pov

Im glad Carl got away because things aren't goings so great here. The Governor has been beating us, and starving us. It's just been awful, he finally let us eat so thats what we're doing right now. We were all eating quietly when we heard yelling, thats when we seen The Governors men were back. But they weren't alone, thats when I seen my son.

"Carl!" I yelled out getting up, but I was pushed down by a guard. I looked back to Carl to see one of the guards were pushong Carl and Judith towards me.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt? Is Judith okay? Is she hur-" I rambled on but was cut off by Carl,

"Dad! We're fine!" Carl assured me. Oh god Im so happy they're okay!

"Now since we have him back, You people won't be getting out. Double the security!" The Governor yelled, As we finished eating we were pushed back into the train cart but not before The Governor yelled out pointing to Michonne

"Later you will see your friend dead!"

And then they closed the door.

"Im so glad I have you two back and that you're safe!" I said once again, thats when Carl started talking. And he was talking really fast,

"IseenKatieyesterdayandIthinkshesgonnasaveus." Everyone looked at him confusingly.

"Slow down and say it again!" Daryl piped up,

"Katies Alive."

Whey hey! Im back! How you guys doin? I finally got the drama cleared up! So who's ready to continue the story? I know I am! And What about that cliffhanger? Wow! How's Daryl going to react? Is Katie really gonna save them?

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