Chapter 43-Katie

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Katies pov

It's been 4 days of dating Jake and it's already better then when I was dating Carl. Speaking of Carl, guess who hasn't paid attention to their girlfriend.


Taylor is so pissed, she's been kissing him and was trying to get his attention. But it doesn't work, he keeps giving Jake death glares. And when he looks at me, he looks broken.

Oh fucking well.

He pissed off the wrong girl. I know it might seem like I still like Carl, but I don't give two shits. He's a total asshole!

I wish I could rewind time and never talk to Carl, I should've never stopped hating him. That was one of the biggest mistakes I made, I should have never trusted him.

Anyways today Rick, Daryl,Maggie, Carl, Taylor, Jake, and I are out for supplies. Honestly I hope Taylor is eaten while we're gone! We all pile in two cars and then we're off, I took shotgun beside Daryl while Jake sat in back.

Soon we were at a small drug store getting our essentials, of course Maggie, Taylor, and I had to get a few more essentials. Maggie and I had our pads/tampons already in our bags, but Taylor couldn't decide on what to get.

"I don't want to get a too small pad, but they only have large pads and small pads.And I don't wear either one." Taylor whined, "Just get both Taylor! We've been here for forty minutes!" I argued. While Taylor was still deciding Maggie and I walked around and looked at everything, but as we were walking we heard a groan.

"Aw shit! I thought we were all clear!" I whispered to Maggie, as we turned the corner a walker came out. Maggie quickly grabbed her knife and stabbed the walker, but another walker came out. We soon realised the side door was opened, letting a herd of walkers in.

"WALKERS! Everyone run!!!!!" I yelled out, as we ran to the front I seen a few walkers had caught up to us. We were nearly to the car when I seen something coming towtards my face, then everything went black.


I woke up somewhere I didn't know, looking around I wondered how I got here. Sitting up I held my throbbing head, "Ow! What the fuck?" I questioned to myself. What happened to me? Where am I? Standing up I grabbed on to the wall, hopefully I can walk. I looked around to see anyone I knew, and finally I seen Daryl. "Daryl!" I yelled out rushing to him,

"Katie!" Daryl said hugging me. "How's yer head? Ye hit it pretty hard." Daryl asked examining it.

"It's okay, it hurts a little. But I'll-" I said before I seen him, Carl.

"Carl!" I screamed running to him, as soon as I got to him I hugged him. After hugging him I kissed him, but he didn't kiss back. I pulled back looking at him confusingly, then I noticed he was staring behind me. I turned to see who or what he was staring at, it was a boy with short chocolate hair, pretty green eyes, and he was maybe a few inches taller than Carl.

"Katie, why?" He asked. He looked so upset, but why?

"Um, how do you know my name? And who are you?" I asked confusingly." You don't remember me?" He asked, I shook my head back and forth. He looked down, then looked back up. "Katie it's me Jake, Your boyfriend."

My boyfriend? But Carls my boyfriend, isn't he?

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