Chapter 24- here with you.

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Carl's POV

Michonne and Katie didn't get back, and now Daryl is flipping and so am I.

My Katie my poor Katie, gone again.

Why does this shit happen to her?

I was lost in thought when Daryl came into my cell,

"hey bud ye wanna rescue your fare(sp?) maiden?"


I quickly shook my head yes.

Daryl and I rushed out to the car and climbed in,


"They're at Wal-Mart. But of course we'll be there in like 9 minutes or so." Daryl said smirking.

We drove a 10 minutes and we finally seen the girls, Daryl quickly parked and rushed to Katie.

"Holy shit! she got shot!" Daryl exclaimed pointing to her thigh,

"That's what I said, but she said it didn't bother her after everything that's happened." Michonne explained trying to get her and Katie.

"I got 'er Michonne." Daryl said grabbing Katie, then I helped Michonne up. We all claimed into the car then we drove off, it was a good 10 minutes before Katie kinda woke up.

"Where are we?" she questioned before falling back asleep.

I was in the kitchen when Katie came running in yelling my name,


After she came running in and yelling I rose to my feet. As she came closer her grin became wider, Katie jumped into my arms hugging me tightly. She pulled her head from the crook of my neck and crashed her lips into mine, our lips move in sync. We were there for what had seemed like forever, but forever isn't enough.

It got a little heated and I forgot we were in the kitchen, until Daryl came in.

"WHAT IN THE FUCK! LIL BOY! WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT GETTING INTAMITE WITH MY NIECE!?" Daryl yelled in my face, jerking me from Katie.

"Daryl stop! Get off of him!" Katie yelled, trying to pry Daryl off of me.

Soon my dad came over and jerked him off of me,

"Daryl! Stop!" My dad yelled keeping Daryl back away from me. He held him for a while until he calmed down,

"are you ready for me to let go of you?" My dad questioned looking from me and Daryl. Daryl slowly nodded and my dad let him go,

"Sorry kid. I just get protective of her, ye know?" Daryl stated.

"its fine, I do too." I said smiling at Katie, Daryl nodded and walked to Carol, and my dad went to tend to the crops. I turned to Katie and embraced her into a hug, but carefully not to kiss her. I do not want to go back down that road, again. Katie and I soon made our way outside, we just laid in the grass talking, laughing, and having a good time. We spent all day laying down in the grass just talking and talking and talking! And man Katie's a talker, but I don't mind. That's one of the many things I love about her,

"I'm glad I got back to you." she said turning over to face me.

"I am too." I said pulling her closer, so her head was now on my chest, it was silent while we admired the stars. But soon I heard a soft snore from my Katie, I turned my head to look at her sleeping body. Awe she looked so cute! I never want to let her go, I will always keep her safe. And she's safe now, here, with me. I love her so much, I couldn't imagine a world without her. I love her so damn much, That not even the gods above could separate the two of us. (if you're a directioner you'll get this part. ;) )

I soon felt my eyes get heavier and then I fell asleep.

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