chapter 13- that's a warning.

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It was dark out and I could hear groans and moans, I quickly took out my gun and flashlight. I fumbled a little with the switch then I finally turned it on raising my gun with it, "Carl! Carl help please!"  a female voice cried out. I looked up to see Katie dangling by a rope above at least thirty walkers, "You can save her or you can save your mother."  a raspy voice said. "My mom is dead!" I yelled to the mysterious man, then he stepped out of the shadow.
"S-shane?" I stuttered in disbelief,
"hello Carl" he said smirking.
"But how? I shot you, in the head."  I questioned him a bit frightened, "yeah, you did. Your father took the one that I loved and you took my life, I could've killed your dad when I was a walker. But you, you shot me! so now your going to loose someone you love. Who's it gonna be? Your mom? Katie? You choose..."  I couldn't kill my Mom, but I couldn't kill Katie. I love them both so much, I can't pick. Why can't he just take me?
"I can't choose. I love them both too much." I stated looking straight into the psychos eyes,
"Fine, they both die" He said cutting my mom's rope first. I watched the walkers tear her apart, I heard her screams. those ear piercing screams,
"Nooo! Shane!" I screamed tears running down my face.Shane ignored me and walked over to Katie whispering something in her ear, then turning back to me.
"Say goodbye Carl." he said then he cut her rope,
"Nooo Katie!" I screamed again tears streaming down my face. I could hear her screams as well, they were heart breaking.
My Katie, my poor defenceless Katie gone. Just like that.

I woke up panting, sweat covered my head and my upper body. I looked around to see we were in the prison, then I remembered my dream.


I jumped out of bed running to her cell, I had to see if she was okay. When I got to her cell she was sitting up in her bed, sweating like I was just a few minutes ago. Once she saw me she quickly stood up and ran to me, I embraced her in a tight hug.

"I t-thought I lost you!" she cried into my bare chest,

"you? I thought I lost you! Oh my God Katie, I had the worst dream." I said hugging her even tighter. She pulled back from my grip and looked into my eyes. Hers were so glossy, she had tear stains on her cheeks.

"I'm not going anywhere." she said then she planted her perfect pink lips on mine, our lips moved in sync. She was such a great girl, I love her, she loves me. And she's mine, and nothing can change that. We pulled apart and rested our foreheads on each others,

"I better go back to my cell." I said breathless. Katie nodded and gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek, I turned to leave Then Katie spoke up stopping me in my tracks.

"Wait Carl! um well I was wondering, could you like stay here. With me?" she nervously asked hitting her lip, I nodded in response. Katie smiled widely at me then grabbed my hand and led me to her bed, we both laid down and I pulled the covers over us. Katie snuggled up to me, I rapped my arms around her waist pulling her closer to me.

"I love you Carl, goodnight." Katie whispered as she snuggled her face into my bare chest. I forgot I only wore boxers when I was sleeping, oops.

"I love you too, goodnight babe." I also whispered, then we both fell into a deep And peaceful sleep.


I woke up in a familiar room, oh yeah I was in Katies room. I looked down to see Katie cuddled tightly up to me, she looked so beautiful. I played with her hair for a minute then her eyes fluttered open,

"Good morning Carl" yawned stretching out her arms then returning to her original position.

"Good morning beautiful" I greeted smiling at her when she blushed,

"I'm hungry." she simply stated sitting up.

"So am I, go on to breakfast and I'll meet ya there." I said staring into her beautiful blue eyes.

"Kay, don't keep me waitin to long" she teased and smiled while giving me a wink, as she walked out I sat up and stretched. I got up and tiptoed out of her cell, careful not to get caught. I was nearly to my cell when Glenn caught me,

"What we're you and Katie doing last night?" He asked wiggling his eyebrows.

"We didn't do anything we weren't suppose to, just don't mention this to Daryl. Please?" I asked getting worried at the thought of Daryl finding out,

"Hahaha, okay I won't." Glenn laughed as he walked away. I quickly entered my cell and threw on some clothes then put my hat on, I just entered the main room when Kim came up to me.

"Hey Carl! So I was wondering if you would visit me in my cell tonight?" she asked tracing her index finger down my chest,

"No, I have a girlfriend remember? And I should warn ya last time a girl tried anything on me Katie kicked the shit out of them." I warned pushing her aside and grabbing some breakfast, I scanned the room for Katie and finally found her laughing and talking to Beth. I quickly made my way over there and sat next to her,

"hey! what took so long?" Katie questioned smiling at me.

"Ran into Glenn on my way back to my cell, then I ran into Kim." I said taking a bite of my oatmeal then looking to Katie, Oh shit.

Her facial expression turned from happy to pissed,

"What did she say to you?" she gritted through her teeth.

"Well uh she asked if I would visit her tonight in her cell, then I reminded her that I had a girlfriend. Then I warned her about the last time a girl tried something on me." I nervously stated, I looked at Katie and she calmed down a little.

"I think I'm gonna have a talk with her." she said getting up from her seat and walking over to Kim.

Shit, this can't be good.


I walked over to Kim mad as Hell, who does she think she is? she can't just take my fucking boyfriend! When I got to her I grabbed her by the throat and threw her against the wall, I then brought my face to hers.


"NEXT TIME YOU GO NEAR MY BOYFRIEND I'LL FUCK YOUR CITY ASS UP YE HEAR ME!? IM NOT FUCKING WITH YOU ANYMORE, DONT LOOK AT HIM, DONT TALK TO HIM, AND DONT THINK ABOUT HIM! IF YE DO I PROMISE YE I'LL BEAT THE LIVIN SHIT OUTTA YE! UNDERSTAND ME HOE!?" I screamed in her face once more. She shook her head yes, "You better." I growled. I let her down and she just stood there staring at me,

"THE FUCK YOU STARIN AT? GETCH YO ASS ON CITY GIRL!" I yelled for the third time, she scurried past me back to Maddi. I looked around to see everyone staring at me then Glenn spoke up,

"Holy shit you do have Dixon blood in you!" "Of course I do, that's why dumb asses rarely cross me." I stated walking back to Carl to finish my breakfast. What a great way to start the day!

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