Chapter 8- Moving again

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It's been a month since I shot my mom and dad, I hated that I had to do that to my mom. But my dad, I was happy.

Yeah yeah, I know. I'm wrong for thinking that, but wouldn't you be glad too?

I miss my mom terribly. I now know she is really dead so I cant be lied to about that.

Anyways I bet your wondering about Carl and I , yeah? Well we're doing great. Daryl had 'the talk' with me, and Rick had 'the talk' with Carl






"Katie, can I talk to you?" Daryl implored,

"Yeah, sure." I said getting up from my seat by Carl.

"Oh and Carl?" Rick mentioned,

"yeah dad?" he questioned.

"Lets go talk ourselves" Rick implied,

Daryl and I walked towards his tent in silence, when we got to his tent he looked to me seriously.

"sit down Katie." he said pointing to the ground,

"What is this about Daryl? Oh my god you didn't get Carol pregnant did you!?" I shouted a little.

"No Katie, but speaking of getting someone pregnant.." he trailed off.

I groaned as he brought the subject up, I knew where this was going too. it was about Carl and I, they don't trust us enough to make grown up decisions. They think we're going to rush into things, but we're not.

"Don't do that Katie, we need to talk about this. Okay um, so you know when two people love each other they decide to make a big decision right? Well this decision is suppose to be saved when you absolutely love someone, and its called 'making love' and when you 'make love' you have to- oh jesus Christ I aint doin this! Just don't do anything your not suppose to and Carl wont get the sh*t kicked out of him" Daryl explained walking off.

Flashback over

I was standing by Beth listening to her 'planning' mine and Carl's wedding. Oh god will this girl ever stop? I thought, Beth is my BFF but she can get annoying a lot of times. "Katie are you listening to me?" Beth questioned, "Oh uh, yeah I am Beth" I said. "EVERYONE GET OUT WALKERS GOT IN!" we heard George yell before being torn to shreds bye three walkers, everyone panicked. I grabbed Beth's arm pulling her to my tent, killing multiple walkers on our way. when we got in I seen Judith was a second away from being eaten alive, I quickly ran to the walker yanking it from Judith killing it. I looked to Beth standing guard then to Judith. I picked up my things, then Judith and her things. We were on our way to Beth's tent when Maggie came running up to us, "Oh my god! thank god you two are safe! Here I got your stuff, lets go!" she said grabbing Beth's wrist. Wait were is everyone else!?" Beth pulled away, "everyone is there except you three, Rick and Carl." Maggie explained. "wait what!?" I yelled stabbing a walker in the eye, "Yeah, bob had Judith in his hands then left her to get some food before all this happened, then came to the truck without Judth and Carl ran back to get you guys and Judith then Rick ran after him." Maggie explained once more before we were interrupted, "Okay well I hate to not be relieved to see you guys right now but we gotta go now!" Carl said as Rick pushed us to the car, we killed many walkers on the way but finally made it. "Thank god you guys are okay!" Daryl said embracing me and Judith in a tight hug, We were all seated in the bed of the truck and then we were off. I held Judith tightly feeding her, "your great with Judith Katie. You'll make a great mom someday" Carl said grinning madly, while Daryl shot him death glares. "Hey! You bes be talkin bout after y'all are married." Daryl warned pointing the tip of his arrow at Carl. "Here sweetie let me Take Judith" Carol said, hours went by and night time fell and we came across a prison. "God not another one!" Daryl yelled, Glenn pulled up by the gate opening it while Maggie slid into the driver seat pulling into the field. Rick, Glenn, Maggie, Bob, Tyrees, Sasha, Carl, and I got out and cleared the field of walkers, burning their bodies afterwards.

"Hopefully history aint repeating itself." Daryl said sounding hopeful,

"Hopefully not" Rick repeated, "We'll clear out the prison tomorrow, but for now everyone rest up." He said lying down.

Carl and I lay beside each other talking for awhile, "do you think we'll be safe here?" I asked carl hopeful, "honestly I don't know Katie." he responded, I sighed then kissed him sweetly and said "goodnight Carl, love you" he smiled and said "Goodnight, love you too Katie."

We were out like a light after.

Uh oh! Is history going to repeat itself with the new prison? Hopefully not. Lets hope there isn't another 'governor' around to mess things up! Well I hope your enjoying the story! thanks for reading guys! Bye guys love ya! xoxo

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