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TROUBLE [twd] by tyang_xo
TROUBLE [twd]by nina 💫
"They're just kids, man. We can't leave 'em here to die." "So, what? We risk our asses to try and keep 'em alive?" .the otani twins. male!oc x carl g...
Just Gone by WheresMyPenn
Just Goneby Penn
No one knows her name, her age, or anything else about her. She was found on the side of the highway after the bombing of Atlanta, abandoned by her father. She won't tal...
Playing With Fire (A Merle Dixon Story) by Aint_It_Fun
Playing With Fire (A Merle Dixon Aint_It_Fun
Merle Dixon never needed anyone. Neither did Harlow Dalton. But when the world goes to shit, all bets are off. (Merle Dixon/OC) #wattys2015 #feels
Let me go (twd/ daryl's daughter) by teddyfuckingbears
Let me go (twd/ daryl's daughter)by teddyfuckingbears
At age 11, Emerson Miller leaves home and never looks back. The virus outbreak gradually takes over the world. Follow Emerson as she is caught up in a group by the quar...
Madison Grimes by meganj006
Madison Grimesby meganj006
"Looks like you've got more to be worried about than the platoon." I furrow my eyebrows as I turn, seeing our General staring me down. "Grimes, come to m...
Survivor. (Book One.) by Staceeeeers
Survivor. (Book One.)by Stacey
I do not own any characters from TWD T.V show or comic book. I only own those that I created.
Our Last Hope ( The Walking Dead / Carl Grimes ) by DreamsOfMind
Our Last Hope ( The Walking Cerys☯
Megan Neil is a badass zombie slayer and a perfectionist at killing and survival. It's been a couple of lonely months for Meg but when she comes across a prison fence it...
She's a Survivor ♡ // The Walking Dead Fanfiction by grimestories
She's a Survivor ♡ // The Amy 🦕
♡Malia has been surviving in a dead-rising world for as long as she can remember, keeping low, quick and quiet. However when kind-eyed leader of a thriving group, Rick...
traded my life [TWD] by tyang_xo
traded my life [TWD]by nina 💫
she never planned on joining the hard life. she never planned on living with a cop. she never planned on her entire life falling apart. she did plan for the end of the w...
𝐓𝐖𝐃 𝐈𝐌𝐀𝐆𝐈𝐍𝐄𝐒 by hqzyvoid
imagines of your favorite walking dead characters! includes fluff and smut
she's a dixon by shesadixon
she's a dixonby shesadixon
"yep. she's a dixon. no doubt about it." BOOK 1 season 1 of the walking dead {completed} {carl grimes fanfiction} {daryl dixon fanfiction} {daryl dixon's daugh...
Lifeforms | The Walking Dead by dinomeels
Lifeforms | The Walking Deadby meels
Aria Baker is quiet, good-natured girl living in Virginia with her mom and dad. She's had a less than fortunate life for her first eight years, with her parents on the c...
Darker Skies *The Walking Dead* by TWDislife123
Darker Skies *The Walking Dead*by Adrianne
"Carl." The girl breathed. Her legs shook from pain, excitement, surprise, happiness. "Skylar?" The boy who was once called her friend tilted his h...
Help Me Survive (A Negan FanFic) by FandomAddict117
Help Me Survive (A Negan FanFic)by FandomAddict117
I ran infornt of the truck. "PLEASE STOP! PLEASE! I HAVE A BABY!" You yelled. the truck stopped and a man with a salt and pepper beard stepped out. "Reall...
genesis┊the walking dead by -adoreastrox
genesis┊the walking deadby -adoreastrox
"my heart, i never feel i never see i never know oh, heart and then it falls and then i fall and then i know" IN WHICH, Carl Grimes falls for the archer's dau...
Daryl Dixon One Shots/Imagines by xxxdruggbaby
Daryl Dixon One Shots/Imaginesby ☀︎︎ k i e☀︎︎
Daryl Dixon One Shots/Imagines Requests Open {✓} Requests Closed {Hell Nah} Daryl Dixon X Reader One Shots/Imagines, made by you and for you. Ever seen The Walking Dead...
talk || book 7 of 'she's a dixon'      by shesadixon
talk || book 7 of 'she's a dixon' shesadixon
"you don't talk anymore, not to anyone. not to me" BOOK 7 OF 'SHE'S A DIXON' season 7 of the walking dead ongoing {carl grimes fanfiction} {daryl dixon fanfic...
death do us apart | r. grimes by crazeeie
death do us apart | r. grimesby crazeeie
"macy, i will always choose you." twd seasons 3 - 11 #6 in grimes #2 in macy
western nights ( shane walsh ) by wstrnflies
western nights ( shane walsh )by ⛪️
there is beauty and disappointment in betrayal - shane walsh x fem! oc
Bad feelings are one part of what sucks about this world. Good feelings are the other. Because the good stuff is what can get taken from you, the rug that gets pulled ou...