Chapter 26- Here we go again part 2

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"Everyone get down!" my Dad yelled before guns blazed everywhere, sending everyone into attack mode.

"Carl take Katie and get Judith, and get to safety! Now!" Dad yelled over the roaring of guns, I quickly ran over to Katie careful not to get shot.

"Come on Katie! We gotta get Judith to safety!" I yelled, Katie nodded and grabbed my hand as we ran to the prison together. When we got in there we quickly spotted Judith crying in her cradle thing, I scooped her up in my arms along with her diaper bag.

"Lets go to the side of the building!" Katie said as she grabbed my hand and pulled Judith and I out of the prison, we ran into the woods just beside the prison and watched everyone fight.

We were here for at least 20 minutes when we herd rustling in the trees, I handed Judith to Katie and rose my gun ready to shoot when Beth and Hershall came in sight.

"Oh my god! Don't shoot!" Beth exclaimed holding up her arms in surrender,

"Sorry, thought you were someone else." I apologized.

"Its okay." Beth shrugged, we sat and waited for everything to die down and for dad to come and get us. Finally Maggie came to get us,

"it's safe, come on" she stated.

We all walked back to the prison to see with my dad a shot arm.


"Dad! What happened!?" I asked frantically,

"it's fine we got worse problems." he sated rubbing his forehead.

"Where's Daryl and Michonne?" Katie asked giving Judith to Carol, nobody answered her. They just stayed quite, well everyone except Carol. She was crying so bad,

"No, no, no, no, no!-" Katie cried but was cut off by my dad.

"No he's not dead, and neither is Michonne. The Governor took them." Dad said whispering the last part, while holding Marie's shoulders. Katie pushed him off and cried as she yelled,


Everyone looked at her in total shock. Katie looked around and shuffled to the gate opening it, I quickly ran to her and grabbed her by the arms and spun her to face me.

"Hey! Its not his fault! Listen to Mr Katie We are going to find them and bring them back, You just have to calm dow-" I said before she interrupted me,

"No! Fuck you Carl! I'm going to get back my family." she yelled before she pushed me off of her and ran off following the fresh tire tracks.


She gonna get herself killed!

"Dad! Someone's gotta go with her!" I exlcaimed, pointing towards Katie,

"No absolutely no-" He started before Maggie stepped in.

"I'm going." She said before she ran to catch up with Katie.


I ran as fast as I could to cat up with Katie, damn this girl could run! I thought as I seen Katie slowing down a little, she finally stopped just as I was beside her.

"If yer here to tell me to turn back, then just leave me be." Katie angrily stated,

"I'm not tellin you to turn back I'm coming with ya." I stated, Katie turned her head to look at me then she put on a crooked smile.

"Well then let's go get these assholes!" she exclaimed punching the air, I chuckled then we were back in the road.

~4 hours later~

We walked for a long time, before we came a cross another Terminus sanctuary. But this one looked a bit off,

"Well this looks cozy dun it?" Katie asked looking disgusted.

"Ew, what's that smell?" I asked making a face,

"From a dead body." Katie Said blankly while she looked around for an entrance. "Som' bitches bes' pray it's not Daryl or Michonne, if it is then they're gon' die." Katie stated,

Damn. Katie's pissed, but I'd be too.

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